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  1. I have a feeling, much like the Queens Beasts, we have already seen the best of the series in the first release. My own opinion of course.
  2. Depending on how the next couple of months go I would of thought this next one would be the last of the “fairly priced” auctions. The price of gold could sky rocket.
  3. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it.
  4. Anyone on here sold their Silver Una privately? I had two and have just had one graded so might be looking to flog one in the future. The coin cabinet auctions look good but I don’t know if they’re fetching the best price.
  5. Some cracking results there, have to admit I can’t believe how poorly the Una’s grade, The Royal Mint should be ashamed.
  6. Hopefully see some big results videos soon
  7. What was wrong with yours? Mines in for grading too, but as far as my eyes could tell I seemed to be one of the lucky ones 🤞
  8. If anyone has one for sale please PM me, thank you.
  9. Regret not buying the 3 set silver proof set. The coloured ones have really grown on me.
  10. Could be correct. I had bunch of them years back and they were terrible, stayed away from them since.
  11. Agreed Canadian coins are terrible for spotting, nearly as bad as Brits.
  12. Crazy money. Still doesn’t make me want to sell mine though.
  13. I hope starting at 5oz isn’t a “test run” for future releases. I wonder if the success of the £180 2oz Silver Una, that you now can’t buy it for any less than £299 (H&B), is making them think about restricting coins like this to more high end collectors who won’t flip. When I say high end, I mean going of £90 an ounce, the normal working man isn’t going to fork out presumably £450 for a silver coin thats melt value is probably £60 on a good day, when you can buy a sovereign for £150 less and it’s value will remain largely intact.
  14. That 1821 arouses me, beautiful.
  15. I will take these from you next Friday if still available. Spent the best part of £500 this month on silver, wife sets me a budget of £230, she will kill me if these turn up midweek lol
  16. Not to everyone’s taste but had my eye on one of these for a while.
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