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  1. Michal

    The coming Gold crash

    If thy do that with gold I got huge backyard and will even rent a lory to grab it. 😁
  2. $253 trillions / 5.56 billions oz = 45 503 $/oz, Rotschild will want global debt to be paid to him in gold. Right now head of the family is Jacob as fare as I i remember?
  3. Send them telegram that cheque is on the way. 🤪
  4. Be aware that some dealers got free delivery and others don't.
  5. I will rather wait and see what temporary solutions will they introduce this time. About 50 years a go they temporally suspend exchange dollar for gold, after 10 years gold was sold for 40 times more. I do not need to sell and dont see anything more sensible than PM for now, at least until they introduce FED coin or something similar.
  6. I am not picky, would take 800 quids as well. In general i can accept any amount of free currency/money. Anybody want my bank details ? 🤪
  7. I am looking on SSE, Royal Mail and Gazprom. Was wondering about Aviva and RBS as well but will wait and see how crisis ll impact them. (will they go bust in general) Isnt BT to expensive for now? P/E ?
  8. Imagine that since start of 2020 16 mln people died over all.
  9. I read T&C of bullion vault while a go and decided it is not worth the hassle. It might be worth for someone with huge quantity of gold but in my world it is not yours until you can put it in your pocket and walk away. Creative accounting is always risk factor and you won't be aware of it until coin is spinning, you have to wait for tide to go back to see who is swimming without clothes.
  10. Paper currency was at some point 100% covered in PM, as you said element of trust. But there is always space for abuse just to squeeze a bit more profit. Ewer wondered why banks bankrupted during bankrun in gold standard ?
  11. Michal

    How much?

    Roy sorry for Off top but love your signature, so true and it makes me chuckle inside. 😜
  12. There is very small market for 1-5kg silver bars. It will be problematic to sell it back in decent price. https://goldsilver.be/en/ Some people like to buy there. I never done business with them.
  13. I can see one overpriced shop down there with decent price on silver monsterbox of random coins just for storage. So you don't hold it and it is not for delivery, basically like silver contract. It is not enough to call them scam. It would be worth to present any proof before throwing accusations. If this is a try of some kind of advertisement, then if is a poor one. You need a bigger bite for fishes down here.
  14. Well he is probably speaking about paper gold contracts and he might be right i would say even lower, when street realized how much paper gold is worth it will go to 0. But Physical will stay around 1700-1800$ any way or even go higher.
  15. I am wondering how long AI is playing the stock market 😉
  16. So they say that Russia will have to go in to budget deficit if price is under 40? It looks like they are doomed then, wondering will that reach lvl of 150% of GDP in one year.
  17. Hmm and i heard that Russia can keep on going at price under 20$ ?
  18. Well QB from 2018 are sold by dealers for 1800+ and i assumed he paid 1000 per coin. 8x800=6400. But that is not the point.
  19. Just imagine that crying author of this topic missed like 6000 pounds in profit during 1,5 year which would come with no effort. Stunning if you think about it. How easy is to lose on something with minimum risk if you have no knowledge about your investment. Edit over 50% ...
  20. I was reading random topics about gold, and suddenly remind my self about one guy complaining on this forum about queen beasts been bad investment based on advice over here and that he lost on them when sold to dealer. Then he concluded that gold is terrible investment and all people only lose on it. Just wondering what does this guy feels now and how many similar people is out there. EDIT Ok Just noticed that this topic was dig out xD
  21. That is gov holdings. It is hard to estimate private holdings.
  22. "As of 31 July 2019, Fort Knox holds 147.34 million troy ounces (4,583 metric tons) of gold reserves with a market value of US $210.8 billion, representing 56.35% of the gold reserves of the United States. As of 2017, the U.S. gold reserves of 8,133.5 metric tons was nearly as much as the next three countries combined." Well that is official source, probably they got much less than that. I heard rumors that china got about 22000 tons and russia about 10000 tons. Wait how much was this current bail out in US ? 6,5 trillion ? and dept up to date 24 trillions ? So US has 261 million troy oz of gold then 30 500 000 / 261 = 1600$/oz of gold logical isn't it ? Ok I been unfair here lets do it other way: US budget 4.829 trillions + 6,5 trillion bail out= 12,3 trillion /0,000261 = 1600$/oz, magical hand of free market.
  23. Yep they have to mine it, coz they spend own stock years ago. 🤐
  24. In my opinion they are going to introduce new monetary system in next 2 years. That will be point when you should think about selling PM to obtain what you need the most. As for now lets play with monopoly funny money as long as music plays.
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