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  1. For 10% per year we can think about setting up option
  2. Yep, have no premium for now. Edit And I really want 2021 ones 😁
  3. I seen £1332 at Atkinson today if you buy 2. If it was £1330 my offer over here would be obsolete. 😁 Buying here have to be more attractive in price terms than at dealers because of risks involved. Still win win situation if you take under account what dealers pay.
  4. If you want to sell to them? None they will pay you max £1283 minus delivery cost. 😉
  5. Hi, I am looking for 1oz 2021 gold Britannia coin, I am willing to pay £1320 for coin and pay for special delivery. Edit back to original price
  6. Sure Mate, but let me stick to Milton Friedman's definition.
  7. I got great and honest definition for inflation. Inflation = increase of money in economy - economic growth. New definitions are only smoke and mirrors game used to complicate this subject. When calculation process isn't clear and honest it allows you to get any desired score by picking suitable data, so called "magic of statistics". Personal Inflation is just reflection of our habits in light of true inflation. Just my opinion, not necessarily right one. 😉
  8. Ok I am looking to buy couple more Britannia's, I can pay £1340 + postage.
  9. Probably he had to sell his computer to cover margin call to cover his gold short position. 🤭
  10. Ok sell your coin to them and I will buy it there. Deal ? It is best bet isn't it?
  11. Don't want to be mean or something, but no body would buy from you when they can get it for £154 from atkinson with free delivery. The same for exchange for 150 oz of silver britannias you can get £4200 which would buy you 28 1/10oz gold britannias with free delivery. I am not attacking you just trying to show you bigger picture to avoid disappointment.
  12. Still looking for 4 more coins.
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