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  1. Ok sell your coin to them and I will buy it there. Deal ? It is best bet isn't it?
  2. Don't want to be mean or something, but no body would buy from you when they can get it for £154 from atkinson with free delivery. The same for exchange for 150 oz of silver britannias you can get £4200 which would buy you 28 1/10oz gold britannias with free delivery. I am not attacking you just trying to show you bigger picture to avoid disappointment.
  3. Still looking for 4 more coins.
  4. There is a reason why people always back to gold after fiat currency rant. I am simple man, I see them print like crazy, I buy more PM. Question is not, If it end up in mess, question is when. Situation right now look like pure madness. They "struggle" to get inflation of 2% but my shopping basket went up ~15%. No point of holding cash now IMHO.
  5. Hello everyone, I am looking to buy couple 1oz gold britannias minted after 2013. It would be most reasonable for shipping purposes if you got 2 coins to sell at the time. I will pay the shipping for special delivery. I am looking to pay spot price and would appreciate coins in good condition. If interested send me some pictures priv.
  6. Hi Ladies and Gentlemans, I was wondering over what purchase amount dealer have to report you to HMRC. I found info that one time purchase over £5000 and total purchases in 12 months of £10000. I am writing about buying gold in UK. Anybody got more info about this matter ?
  7. in 12 days if compare to Game Stop stock 😁
  8. Not selling any more. Cheers!
  9. I remember 2018 TSB issues with system. I login once and had -£3500 pounds as a balance, all my online bank statements were gone. Memory of cold thrills at my back still makes me a little bit uncomfortable. I had no way to prove that I do not own them any money or that there should be couple grands over zero. That was wake up call, now only paper statements and not to much cash in bank account. If you do not hold it you do not own it. Money in the bank are not yours, you lend them to the bank and in SHTF scenario you will not get them. I stack for this feeling of safety, even that am aware it
  10. It is a shame that this topic died. It was so entertaining.
  11. I think we had this discussion before on this forum, and as fare as I remember you are obligated to declare metal value not face value when entering UK, the same when you leave UK.
  12. For post https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users VAT on goods ( read bottom) https://www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods/arrivals-from-outside-the-eu
  13. So silver ions have no effect on human body You say? Remember that microelements are essential for us even when Your intake is just fraction of mg. 1 l of watter Has about 55,5 mols and one mol is 6,02 x 10^23 particles so if You have 23 ppm there is quite a lot of silver in this water colloid. It is not homeopathy.
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