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  1. Yep, my mistake. Still useful knowledge.
  2. Just give me second, I am looking for Shaf Rasul saying about requirement of LTV, I didn't precise that it was for BTL mortgages. But that doesn't change thing that you have to understand all risks to see big picture.
  3. Equity might be gained by paid principal.
  4. Correct me if i am wrong: You have 10% in equity in your home it is valued 100k ( you have LTV 95%) then it fell down to 90k and now you are obligated to have LTV 95% in your mortgage agreement so you have to pay straight away 4.5k to your bank to keep LTV right or it can call the loan, sell it or repossess property . Isn't it ?
  5. I believe HH is actually doing it right now, or is at least essential part of such activity, which takes significant benefits from this system. That is why he will defend it for all costs. He perfectly know the scam so there is no need of convincing him it exist. He will say anything and manipulate in every possible way just to preserve his trough in the pigsty. Proven multiple times. No point of any discussion with him. 😉 No offence intended of course. Just observation.
  6. Michal

    The coming Gold crash

    Man who wants your pie or want to tax it, cares. And he will get it in majesty of law.
  7. You see Roy problem is that people who were closer or faster at the printer took advantage. You were able to gain assets on leverage and debt devaluation/assets bubble done its work. Now debt cycle is coming to the end. We will not be able to do the same thing, coz debt is way to high and current situation is unsustainable. They try to inflate of debt, but it never worked in history and end up in some kind of revolution and wealth redistribution. In such environment interest rate can go to 15% easy. Now we youth/middle age have to take debt to the eye balls to buy house and cost of living eats rest of money , we taking very risky loan for 30 years . Young are in debt because they have no other choice. Older generations gathered wealth and we are paying for that. Limitless credit caused 600%+ increase in price of average house in last 20 years, wages didn't rise even close to this rate. It is not personal trip Roy, just my point of view shown to older generation in general.
  8. Ehh, buying on leverage gives advantage and allows to amplify your cash flow, but it goes on the cost of higher risk and pain when it go bad way. We had 12 milky years for leveraged people, they had time to restructure their portfolio/investments/houses. Now it is time to take the medicine. It is advantage due to increased risk, understand that and accept consequences. Over leveraged should go bust private or commercial. Everyone have right to be stupid but should suffer in full power when have to face consequences. No bailouts. Let that be a lesson and lets build healthy system this time. What happened to savers and saving mentality ? I know, i am a dreamer...
  9. Hmm, i would go they are worth your as much as your stack of PM, coz they look like screws to cover hide out to your stack. 😉
  10. Michal

    The coming Gold crash

    But if you know game is rigged you can get ready. Black swan theory is very interesting in its core. Basically people think matrix is SF, it is like that because they have no idea how financial/political/economical systems work. "Best kind of slave is one who think is free and is willing to die protecting his own slavery" - me
  11. They will try out inflationary debt reduction first i think. It never worked in the past, so they will change paradigm in monetary system. I hesitate between world central bank crypto currency and some kind of precious metal backed currency again, or both combined. For sure those in power will stay where they are and play game to big for us to comprehend. Rise in rates globally is impossible right now, servicing debt will crush everyone. They would have to do debt jubilee, stop deficit spending ,regulate personal credit availability, social services and tax system first. I don't see that coming coz it will hurt a lot and don't see another Iron Lady on horizon which has steel balls to do it.
  12. Agree, but under one condition: They will not manage to print it out this time. But in that case we are facing new monetary paradigm and assets like houses could go to 10% in value in undesired areas and can do 200-300% in big city, but who know. Place where people have opportunities and want to live in go up in price in long term.
  13. Looking at last crisis about 4-5 year and about 30% down, depends on location.
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