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  1. I looked into it a while ago, from what i understood the opening offers were only available to US investors with a minimum bid of $1500. There was also a huge amount of jargon involved in the blurb. I've heard Andrew Maguire talk about it a lot, i glean what i can but not being fully up-to-speed with all the masses of financial jargon involved I struggle to understand the finer details. I fully agree that Blockchain gold with crypto security is the best answer to sound money that the world has ever known - the only problem is the current manipulation of the gold price, its great to hold for future/emergency use but I'm not sure i'd want to spend it on a daily basis whilst the current system of price suppression and manipulation is in place.
  2. There is no such thing as democracy without sound money
  3. But our informed bias is rooted in historical objectivity and chemical reality, which makes it a little more than bias. Gold and silver do not gain or maintain monetary value just through collective bias, their elemental values have been recognized by most of humanity for at least 5000 years - as rare, dense, stable, desirable, useful, non-radioactive, non magnetic, super conductive, finite, very difficult to counterfeit and yet globally available elements gold and silver are the best available vehicles we have to use as a universal and standardisible means of exchange and store of value. It took the globalist banksters till 1971 (and half a century of poverty and war) to convince the majority of the world otherwise - I would argue that it is their bias towards intrinsically worthless debt-based bank notes that has led to people 'not caring' and becoming ignorant of the universally recognised monetary importance of gold and silver. Think of any other commodity in the known universe and i guarantee you there will be at least one massive fundamental reason why, in comparison to gold and silver, it is totally unsuitable for use as a store of value and means of exchange. Gold is the timeless heavyweight constant and silver its slinky little sister, everything else changes around them. (Don't quote me on this this but I'm pretty sure that gold is formed when stars go supernova and the reason that we are blessed with so much of it on this planet is because our solar system was originally a binary system but one of the stars went supernova billions of years ago, thus splattering the Earth with an abundance of rare elements inc gold - if that isn't reason enough to value gold as money then nothing ever will be!)
  4. The only complication i can see with this prediction is that many states lack the quantity of standardisible liquid assets to make their own asset-backed cryptos possible. PMs are the only things that really work in terms of hard assets because the quality and cost of oil varies greatly and the same applies to gem stones. Its the elemental qualities of Ag and Au that give them their real value. If your scenario does come to pass then more than a few countries (UK included) will have to adopt foreign gold-backed currencies just to survive. Their mission then would be to accumulate enough gold to launch their own. Most governments would probably be so daunted by the responsibility and complexity of the task they'd rather pass it up to the regional free trade zone bureaucracies - the EU, ASEAN, NAFTA etc. But, once authority and the decision making process is elevated above that of the publicly accountable state the greedy international banksters will be able to fiddle it and debase just as they always have done. (There's been an interesting argument recently about whether Italy's gold should be stored by the Italian government or by the EU - the EU aren't happy that the Italians have asked to have their custody back.) Which is why I firmly believe that, at the personal level, heavily reformed privately owned banks registered to a publicly accessible blockchain and accountable to government oversight are the most likely future. (Private ownership would also include community ownership, like the credit unions.) At the state level, countries with little to no gold had better figure out how to start cultivating profitable trading relationships with the countries who do have healthy stocks of the heavy elements.
  5. Gold registered on a blockchain, securely monetised through cryptography and stored in a regularly audited and transparent facility is as secure and solid as money can get. Venezuela have created a (sadly sanctioned) commodity-backed crypto, Russia are talking about launching a gold-backed crypto for inter-state trade, the Prime Minister of Malaysia is suggesting a gold-backed inter-state Asian currency; then there are the personal gold-backed crypto projects of Kinesis, Gold Money and, undoubtedly, a few more. When gold is remonetised via encryption, the blockchain and transparent auditing it defeats the issue of currency debasement, makes gold practically divisible down to the fraction of a grain, increases its liquidity and velocity and negates the need to carry or personally store any physical metal. Gold is already being remonetised, and where gold goes silver will likely follow - there is no demand for it yet, but as the silver fiat price takes off and the financial infrastructure is built for blockchain gold then silver will soon be monetised in the same way. I envision blockchain registered private 'banks', made accountable to government oversight, at which one can deposit ones gold and/or silver in an encrypted digital account and spend/receive it in the contemporary ways. Encryption and blockchain technology makes it very easy to monetise all PMs, though the central banksters and their lackey politicians and institutions will seek to resist it for as long as possible.
  6. Empires are ruled by Emperors Kingdoms are ruled by Kings Countries are ruled by ... @silenceissilver Don't fall for that Q Anon BS, just more circus psy-op valium to keep the masses passive.
  7. So an unnamed source has told you something you're not allowed to repeat, and that's suppose to boost our confidence in Boris?? Sounds like the BBC's tactics of trying to sell a cases belli! Depending on which side of the fence one sits, BoJo is the most divisive liability in Westminster alongside Corbyn Did you ask your MP about the European Defence Union? It's be interesting to hear of their reaction to that. Those Bullingdon Boys have never done anything apart from fleece this nation on behalf of their bankster buddies. Remember Cameron and the pig? Sometimes i wonder if it was Boris who dressed up as the pig. If not, I wonder what his initiation ceremony involved - he'll likely do anything to keep that dirt from going public. Compromised and owned before he even left school.
  8. Seems the EU have got plans to drag Brexit negotiations out for another two or three years by being intentionally obstructive and non-co-operative in trade talks, but they've got a leak
  9. You obviously haven't read or watched the work of the highly connected military lobbyist David Ellis yet - this is a good starting point: https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/emergency-briefing-defence-and-security-david-ellis He is very open and public about his communications with MPs re. the EDU and he would not say that the whips are preventing open debate about it unless he was absolutely certain. It would be the end of his career. (As for 'the conspiracy', I've had a Twitter account in the past so am well familiar with it as a platform: a couple of weeks ago i opened a new account, sent one (very polite) tweet to May and one to Corbyn asking about the EDU and promptly got the account suspended for 'suspicious behaviour', within three minutes of opening it. My appeal to reopen it was unsuccessful. I certainly didn't break any of Twitters rules or disguise my identity so why was my account shut down so swiftly?) I strongly suggest you grapple with the sources and information before you trot out that tired old sleight about tinfoil hats. It is most tiresome, aged and childish - 2019's model is made out of 5mm thick lead!
  10. Read back through this thread and you'll find it detailed. I've already posted a few presentations about the subject on the forum (pretty sure they're on this thread) but if you missed them then check out the work of lobbyist David Ellis, the plentiful reports on UK Column and the testimonies of the French Lawyer / Yellow Vest spokesperson Georgia Pouliquen. (The first two sources deal with the structure and machinations of EDU whilst Georgia's testimonies and evidence show it in action on the streets of Paris) Right now, two years and eleven months after the referendum and hot on the heels of the latest election, HMS Albion has just left Plymouth (my home city) en-route to the Baltic Sea as part of an EU flotilla under the command and control of Central Europe - does that sound like Brexit to you? If you want to contact Nigel Farage about the issue, which I highly recommend because he's afraid to talk about it, but don't want to go anywhere near Twitter you will find him here: https://www.nigelfaragemep.co.uk/pages/contact.php We need to raise this issue with every one of our MEPs because that is the only way it will be held up to public scrutiny. There is a party whip enforced cloak of secrecy surrounding the issue in parliament.
  11. You may be aware of its existence but it is very clear that you do not know all about it
  12. You obviously haven't looked into the European Defence Union - regardless of what people think they're voting for, Britain will still be signing over control of our ENTIRE security apparatus to centralised EU command and control. Its a done deal. From the cops to intel services, every branch of the military and all associated resources, technologies and capabilities. This is not part of the Brexit negotiations. We will also be subject to their rule and authority, just like the French Yellow vests are finding out now with all those Israeli-trained foreign militarised police shooting protestors eyes out with their 'non-lethal' rounds. When the masses discover this and those brutal thugs are sent over to police the protests the protests WILL become riots and there WILL be blood in the streets. This is what the political classes know but aren't telling. I'm pro-Brexit because the EU is a dictatorial corporate nightmare doomed to collapse, but this is not going to end well. (Edit:) Farage and the other 'big' politicians need to be bombarded with questions about this on their Twitter accounts - this is the only way that it can be brought into the public consciousness. The politicians who claim they will lead us out of the EU without talking about the EDU are not being honest with the nation. (Edit II) When a state signs away its monopoly of violence can it still be considered a state? Clue: the answer is 'No'. This is central bankster Ziocolonialism in action
  13. Maple syrup, BC skunk and Niagara Falls... Is 'Moose' the plural of 'Moose'?
  14. Given that there are some pretty smart and experienced analytical heads around here: As the perfect storm approaches, which poses the most immediate threat to the world's financial system - national bond defaults, currency collapse, stock market crash or corporate bond defaults? Does the interconnectedness of bonds, stocks and currencies mean that once one sector goes down contagion will rip through the whole system faster than a Californian wildfire? Who is sitting on the majority of risk/liability/exposure - central banks, investment banks, private investors or corporations? And, when it happens, how much of the burden is likely to be underwritten by governments at the expense of tax payers?
  15. Does anybody here use Twitter? Send a tweet to BoJo asking if he supports the European Defence Union - I set up an account, sent one tweet to May and one to Corbyn asking about the issue and promptly got my account suspended for 'suspicious behaviour'. Three minutes. For some reason the Tories are particularly touchy about this subject.
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