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  1. When a common coin, is replaced by next years edition, they also tend to lower prices a bit, in order to sell out. Last years coins, are slightly higher premium, and might not be as interesting, so a large stock, would take longer to sell. However, Brexit and possible recession, may very well contribute..
  2. I started stacking, for retirement/hedge, in Dec.18, and have 600+ oz of Maples, ASE, krugerrands, Phils, and brits. But now i´m more in to gold, stacking wise. I still buy silver, but it´s become more of a hobby, which is why, i go for Queens Beasts, oriental border Brits, rect.dragon bars, and the like.. The premium on silver, is much to high, to hopefully make a profit, (ATM), but i cant help my self.. I cought the bug..;-)
  3. Welcome, from Denmark. 🙂
  4. My google search, tells me its a Hallmark used in Italy, in the past. Meaning silver plated.. https://community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-Fine-Jewelry-Gems/I-have-a-silver-filigree-brooch-marked-1000-on-back/td-p/1393001
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum. Are you here for buisness or pleasure? ( Stacking or collecting) 😉
  6. I dont mind, what others think, but they are controversial. 🙂 And silver..
  7. I know, that some, might not agree, but i think, these coins are special enough, to be in my collection.
  8. I´m stacking for retirement, and have alot of silver, so i´m going for gold now. 🙂 ( Will still buy silver though) 😉 I think 1/4 to 1 oz will be my choice, since they free up enough fiat, that i won´t have to sell coins every week. If i need more fiat, i sell 1 oz, and less, maybe 1/4 oz.. Thats my plan..
  9. Since the premium is higher, on the 1/4 oz, won´t the sale price also be higher? Say in 10 years time...
  10. But why buy such coins, when the value goes down over time. Is the face value just "boosted" to make it more expensive and therefore a "rare" collecters coin? I dont get it.. Theres a french 500 euro coin (1 kilo silver), but it cost 2200 eur! Does anyone actually buy these?
  11. Is it a good or bad deal, to purchase a coin, with higher denomination, than the silver value. Can´t see the meaning, unless its strictly for collectors.. The value gets lower, as inflation eats away, and in the end, theres only the spotprice left or?? https://royalmint.dk/shop/hm-queen-margrethe-254p.html This coin is only 1 oz.. 500 Danish, is about 66 Eur..
  12. True that, but if you stack for retirement, and sell the whole lot, you may not have a say, in that matter... Unless you wish to expose yourself, and sell the stack privately, in small portions.
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