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  1. Aghhh current situation sucks however it can't be helped I suppose. Due to the current covid 19 situation I have made the decision to change the challenge date I will now be taking on the Peak District ultra (again) on the 4th of July. Fingers crossed the situation will have improved by then. I will still draw prize winners on the 29th of April and will look at raising further funds via auctions and various other events. Thank you for your support. Hope you and all your families are well and safe at this troubling time. Stay safe guys
  2. Hi guys really sorry I haven't posted any updates for a while. I've been away training with the army and have had limited time to pick up my phone. May is fast approaching and I'm looking forward to going down to the Isle of Wight for this challenge. Β£220 raised so far! 9 and a half ounces in the prize pot!!! Me training In Sennybridge.
  3. Prize pot so far!! Still more to come!! To be in with a chance of getting your hands on these giveaway prizes all you have to do is make a donation Here. please put your silver Forum name and TSF in the comments box. Winner will be announced on 29/04/2020 @ 1200hrs. Thank you all
  4. Total raised so far including gift aid is Β£230 some really generous donations. Thank you all πŸ‘
  5. Still more to come πŸ˜‰ I can't edit this for some reason. I didn't read it before quoting it. I don't expect @sixfour to donate more lol. Thank you @sixfour for your donation.
  6. Sorry guys never got around to posting again on Monday. It's mad how much needs to be done when I leave my wife at home with the kids for a week. Prize update I have added some bits to the prize stack. 1x 2019 oriental border britannia 1x 2020 1oz britannia 1x 2019 1oz britannia 1x 1oz Korean taekwondo round 1x 2019 byb silver Forum 1oz bar So that brings the giveaway pot to 9 and a half ounces so far!!! Some really nice pieces in there. Will add photos as the deliveries arrive. Donations to be made via this link https://uk.virginmoneygivi
  7. So back from phase one alpha training had a great time and learnt loads about my fitness. I will be put a prize update on later today. Fundraising is currently at Β£90 and we already have some fantastic giveaway items with more to come. Thanks guys. More to come later today πŸ‘
  8. Thank you @Oldun that is a very good point I will update My original post. Also I will add it here for anyone picking up from here. To donate directly please follow this link - https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Danielbateman2 Yeah training with the pros now lol. It's my inspiration to cut the finish time from 24hrs to 20 hours. Done lots of training to get where I am now. A year ago I was walking marathons in train for my walk this year I'm running marathons so feeling great and well up for the challenge 😊
  9. Prize pot update. A 2019 MS70 Chinese panda and a 2013 MS70 Chinese panda donated very kindly by @Agpanda. Thank you @Agpandathey are beautiful. Also a 2015 1/2 ounce Australian koala very kindly donated by @SmallSilverStacker. Thank you @SmallSilverStackerit's a beautiful coin. Thank you all for your donations and support for this great cause.
  10. Thank you @Jamesd. Over the next few weeks more prizes will be arriving some are a mystery even to me. However over the next week I will probably be silent as I am away on phase 1 training with the army reserve. @ChrisSIlver would it be possible to pin this thread like last year? As yet I haven't announced a date for the give away so......... 29th of April I will draw the winners of the prizes. The cut of time will be 1200 on that day. Same criteria as last year any donations need to contain your forum name and TSF in the comments box. Thank you all 😊
  11. Some beautiful giveaway prizes arrived today. Donated very kindly by @Jamesd2 Perth mint kookaburra's. (pics to follow) Thank you @Jamesd
  12. Wow thank you everyone. The donations have flown in. Thank you @Agpanda I will pm you shortly, your contribution is really appreciated 😊. @Jamesd@Jamesd thank you for getting things started πŸ‘. Really good start thanks everyone.
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