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  1. I like the rat. I absolutely love the rooster, but I’m not the biggest fan of the rest... I bought 2; so I might complete 2 sets 7 years from now. 😄
  2. 10 oz silver is always a couple of weeks later than the 2 oz silver one and the gold ones. Next up: the horrible moonwalking White Lion.... A year from now the final one should arrive.
  3. Next one will be “Zeewijk”. That one will be the final one. (I would not mind if they would continue with other ships....)
  4. Last thing I heard is that Wolverine should be released in November.
  5. I expect it to be released in february next year. So far it’s every 6 months. I really like them!!
  6. Wolverine should be released in November. It was originally planned for July.... Really looking forward to that one!!
  7. As well at: https://goldsilver.be/en/home/3384-ram-1-oz-silver-triangular-coin-zuytdorp-2020-1.html and: https://www.metalmarket.eu/en/products/coins/1-ounce-coins/treasure-shipwrecks-zuytdorp-1-oz-silver-2020-4258.html?rec=102854101
  8. Nice one! Thanks! It looks like these come twice per year. After this one; "De Zeewijk" will come (I guess that's the final one). I really like those coins!
  9. Still enough to be found at: https://www.silbertresor.de/product_info.php?info=p8151_Neuseeland---1-NZD-Crested-Pinguin-2020---1-Oz-Silber.html 27,90 euro each. Fair shipping charge of 14,99 euro.
  10. It’s a sealed roll, so it doesn’t look that great now.
  11. I received my roll yesterday. I really like it! Comes with a nice numbered certificate. Pictures don''t do this coin justice!! I'm happy I bught it! Might buy some more... 🙂
  12. I've ordered a couple of times from them. They are ok! No problems for me. Unfortunately shipping costs have increased at their site, otherwise I would have ordered more often.
  13. Still 289 to get at Silbertresor.de for the price of 44,90. European shipping flat fee of 14,99 If you don't have it yet; this might be the best option.
  14. A couple of minutes I could buy some at Goldsilver. This time I did not hesitate... I bought 10 (including storage costs of 2 euro: 350 euro). Not a fantastic price; but I know they will do well; so I'm not that bothered with it. Orgiginally i wanted to buy a roll; but it's ok. Now I can go back to work. ;-)
  15. The value of the first order has to be over 500 euro. Storing this order will cost you 1 euro. Storing an additional order will cost you 1 euro if the value of that order is over 500 euro or 2 euro if the value of that oprder is less then 500 euro. Having your orders shipped will cost you 29 euro. Hope this is clear for you. It looks like I missed the boat on this coin! But... to be honest....I tought it would be cheaper in teh beginning. The cheapest i saw it (at Goldsilver) was 30,75 euro. I tought the starting price in Europe would be around 27 euro. The current price is too high for m
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