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  1. Not a series I really like. However; the 2020 Swan is a jewel! One of the coolest coins I have! (I just buy the one I like. So... I only bought the 2020 Swan)
  2. Really nice design!! Ordered from Metalmarket in Poland. Can’t wait to have my sets complete! Fun small series!
  3. A bit weird that it’s the exact same design as the Fiji 2020 Wolverine coin (just without the paint). Should be available at Goldsilver.be
  4. Available from November the 18th. Not my most favourite design. I hope you like it more!
  5. I like the rat. I absolutely love the rooster, but I’m not the biggest fan of the rest... I bought 2; so I might complete 2 sets 7 years from now. 😄
  6. 10 oz silver is always a couple of weeks later than the 2 oz silver one and the gold ones. Next up: the horrible moonwalking White Lion.... A year from now the final one should arrive.
  7. Next one will be “Zeewijk”. That one will be the final one. (I would not mind if they would continue with other ships....)
  8. Last thing I heard is that Wolverine should be released in November.
  9. I expect it to be released in february next year. So far it’s every 6 months. I really like them!!
  10. Wolverine should be released in November. It was originally planned for July.... Really looking forward to that one!!
  11. As well at: https://goldsilver.be/en/home/3384-ram-1-oz-silver-triangular-coin-zuytdorp-2020-1.html and: https://www.metalmarket.eu/en/products/coins/1-ounce-coins/treasure-shipwrecks-zuytdorp-1-oz-silver-2020-4258.html?rec=102854101
  12. Hi! Perth Mint responded to some questions on Facebook regarding the Tuvalu Marvel and Simpsons coins. - Bart Simpson (BU) looks to be postponed again (this time due to Corona). It will be released in July (I guess early July). - Marvel series continues (so far). Next one will be Wolverine (!!). It also will be released in July. Subject to change however... I hope this helps! Stay safe everyone!
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