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  1. Before covid the only thing I paid £24oz was for a pamp 1oz bar. I think I paid too much for it at the time. I wouldn't call it special either. All my other premium stuff maxed at £23oz but mostly were £21oz. Premium stuff are things like Geiger, Scottsdale, Mk Barz etc.
  2. This is going to be subjective as the spot prices moves but in my opinion spot ranged around £12.50 a lot and your standard one ounce Britannia would cost £16.50 on here. That's a 24% premium. Premiums on this stuff have definitely widened since covid. Lots of people asking £24 Oz on things which are not that special.
  3. Due to covid-19 I've been waiting on some of my silver to arrive for months so I haven't been able to post anything until now. Silver has gone up since 🙂
  4. Just holding off at the moment unless I see a great deal. Silver is too crazy right now with its sky high premium and lower spot price. Seems like ~£20 is average price for 1oz silver right now whilst the spot price is £12.35. People jumping in on facebook groups to buy any kind of silver tells me all I need to know. I wish I bought more gold when it was hovering around £950oz 😅
  5. So I bought a lovely gold buffalo from a fellow silver forum member here quite some time ago now and I've always been baffled by the grading NGC has given this. They've graded this as PF 64 which is defined as: "Average or better strike with several obvious marks or hairlines and other miniscule imperfections." Can anyone see any obvious marks or harlines with this because it looks flawless to me. I can't help but think the grader was just having a bad day 😅 One day I will get this regraded I think.
  6. Funds aren't my style. I just opt for large cap stocks in companies I feel like I understand. It's the same sort of reason why I opt for physical bullion instead of gold & silver ETFs. I want the control and don't feel like paying a fund manager an annual fee for something that's relatively straight forward and I can do myself. If you're looking for things to buy think about all the companies your money ends up going to and have them start paying you. Of course there are valuations to bear in mind but this should just be a way to get started.
  7. Close up here, what's interesting is the face looks different to the graphic version. There are no sun rays behind the queen.
  8. If GSBE are charging £21.65 for the 2020 bars maybe I can sell my tube of 2018's for £30 an ounce 😅 What are these guys trying on.
  9. To me it sounds like gold would be a better option here. Gold has quickly recovered whereas silver is back where it was over a year ago.
  10. It's available for pre-order on goldsilver.be now: https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30-gr/3224-perth-mint-1-oz-silver-rectangle-dragon-1-bar-2020.html As much as I like the 2020 verion I haven't bought because dealers are pricing these things as if the silver spot price didn't plummet. It's £17.42 and if you buy a tube including delivery it comes down to £18.70 per oz. Give it a month or two and it's only a matter of time before they will need to get more realistic with their prices.
  11. Silver price has fallen a lot but seller prices of physical silver seem to be staying at >£16 an ounce as if nothings changed. What are peoples theory on this? is it dealers being reluctant to readjust their prices or is it just a delayed process until they all replenish their stock?
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