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  1. So the replayed markets that are at bottoms are platinum china so time to buy while lows? what about: silver bitcoin arent they all lows? Too?
  2. Selling stack So for those of you who have sold part or all of your stack what were your major regrets or changes you would have done to your stack? like for me I’m in the USA seems like you get a good size premium if you sell American silver eagles (ASE) here so would it make sense to stack mainly that how about mainly generic so you kind of buy low sell low premiums? whay are your major regrets of how you stacked or how you’d change the majority? Would you have stacked more gold? More silver? 50:50 or keep to the ratios like 85 silver to 1 gold as it is now? any major regrets when you did have to sell? Would u have stacke more bars since they’re lowere premium? like do you get minimal premiums on things like kookaburras or other collector coins etc?
  3. I also think that it's so low and a good value play now The thing is the short term 6 month trend is so downward it will be hard to reverse especially if the economy takes a dive... It's an industrial so maybe it could break $650 @KDave If it does I'm a buyer. I'm actually buying it now too and dollar cost averaging 5% of my PM portfolio into Platinum. I'm not touching Palladium at it's current prices..... But really nobody knows for sure...palladium might be the future for cars but really things might change with technology, the economy (or recession) etc... but good to hedge with it
  4. I mix it up. Most is in California near the beach (i consider prime real estate like having blue chip stocks in stock market) Then we buy some inland (like having mid-smaller) And we buy some out of state which are all differnt markets. Every market different. You can get houses for $30-80k in detroit depending on location and condition. And you can get houses for $600k-$1.5m in california. So just like silver/gold we have lots of differnt grades, (locations) etc it's pretty diverse. Best thing I feel is to know your own market (wher you live or 25 miles outside of it or around it) then you know it so well that when you see an opportunity in 1 month to 5 years you hop on that opportunity.... Then you diversify once you have your base around you (just like stackers try to stack their base first maybe brittanias, 10 oz generics for value then later expand to collectables etc) Just my opinion edit also note.... i would not start with out of state real estate if you do buy or out of your local area ...just like most stackers wouldn't recommend getting into special MS grad coins it's kind of difficult and risk (ier cuz all investing is some what risky)
  5. I see well hope they can fight that it sounds like you guys are over taxed on PMs and the gov is headed towards socialism!
  6. Yeah depends on your risk tolerance and how likely you think we will have a meltdown... i don't think well have a meltdown but perhaps i'm an optimist or realist You're right it depends on his personal finance... psychology will play a huge weight on this probably more then the economics of it. I am leaning towards the economics. Psychology is probably just as important for mental health tho0ugh lolz--and that has more play on Personal finace or self-control. So it depends on discipline but also reaction during a SHFT The part about SHTF that's why ou go for a low LTV loan-to-value ratio... it depends on that too. does the OP have 90% loan on house or a 30% loan on house. if SHTF does real estate go from $500k to $100k for a house... or more likely scenario of $500k to 400-kish. To me theres a base where real estate will go during a downturn... just like ya'll have a base on what silver/gold could go down to.... at some point there will be many willing buyers man this is fun but can make your mind go on loops It's definitely a situational thing... don't take my advice or anyones as solid... it depends on your situation, personal AND macro economics, and psychology!
  7. I agree. I just go with what's more probable and likely. personally i have properties fully paid off and others that have a million in debt at 3.8% My return on most of the properties is 10-15% if i can get 10-20% return from rents- expenses I'll continue paying off the 3.8%...and i'm not taking into consideration appreciation when I'm talking about my returns... returns are related to rent. if you think rents could go down 20-50% which I don't see happening you can look at your rent-to-buy ratio or similar, and compare whether it's worth it o pay off such low interst.
  8. Why would you pay off good debt. If it’s under 4% don’t pay it off then use your money to invest in something making more than 4% That’s what OP is asking. Basic Econ. opportunity cost of using money to pay off a mortgage vs using to buy another asset yes it’s diff when it’s ur own house but the real answer is it depends on tons how much does he make does he have other investments doing better return then what his APR is...sheesh common sense just make most logical decision he would know best i have 2 million in debt. I also own 6.5 mill in real estate what maters is your LTV id your LTV is low you’re more than fine problem is ignorance and not applying things differently to different sutuetions blanket statements like pay off all debt. Is what poor people and lower middle class think people see how they can use low debt rhats what I did last 9 years. I used low interest rates to buy real estate. Millions in real estate as people were complaining about the FED printing money I just used 3-4% interest rates. Bought property at $1 mill that’s now worth 2mill just learn and use sound advice do ur own research and execute its simple math but depends on your situ read a real estate book like Robert kiyosaki or gary Keller and see debt service and debt ratios i own dozens of apartments doing this. Wasn’t easy lost some here and there. Failed. Got back up etc but it’s easy when you do your fifth or sixth RE deal... thats why the true answer is that paying off debt depends one more thing is if you think hyperinflation will occur then definitely do not pay off your mortgage cuz interest will go through roof 10-20% int rates. Hypotheticall. y that money you owe will be nothing. And it would be better to have used that money for something better another asset. Do your own opportunity cost analysis
  9. I'm a real estate investor... if you have low interst do not pay off your loan Use your money for other things. It also depends how much you are LTV loan to value and if this is your primary vs second investment house etc Usually I'd say if you are paying below 4.5% interest just leave it and pay it off amortized over as long a period as possible.
  10. I'm part chinese american. These people (mainland chinese) want to beat the west. They're highly competitive, have stolen from us for decades etc but they're also a lot of differnt types of chinese. A large amount of them envy and are fond of American culture and productivity. But their government squaishes individualism and is socialist/capitalist and they are controlling their people. Chinese they want to trade and grow prosper too but they definitely want to beat us. I don't trust them myself. We need to work with them yes, but these people are differnent. They're commies and run by a collective state run government. We are about freedom and need to avoid going the chinese route (big brother 1984) It's part of their culture to be entrepreneurial...as is ours, but we have to remain capitalist and fight socialism to beat these people. Our government doesn't know what it's doing (US British, western gov) and the chinese government is more controlling but is also commie Ther's a space wher we can work with china, but I think that the US needs to step up their game for sure. We need to prepare like they are. There's lots of blind consumerism type people in the west. Chinese have high savings and low debt per person. Their government is high debt though and likely bubbly. We have to step up our game
  11. This sounds like the advice I was told about Turkey, and China in 2006-2007. My Turkish stocks have done nothing but fall. China went up about 10-20% My US stocks are up like 100% Euro like 50%
  12. Oh yeaahhhh i forgot about that....I actually got that memo in 1999 then in 2007 then in 20015 and invested in China, BRIC etfs, in brazil, in Turkey, in Russia, India all sorts of ETFs.... they kept saying ohhh the emerging markets, 10 years later ohhh the emerging markets.... 10 years later 2019 my Turkey stocks lost 80%, chinese stocks are about even 0% , Brazil is up 20%. , Russia is up about 15% from 2011...... My european and US stocks are up 200%-500%....
  13. Thanks for responses above guys This is infographic i found on growth GDP 2030 https://www.visualcapitalist.com/worlds-largest-10-economies-2030/ very interesting looks like USA and EU will grow lots but look at China and Asian countries including Russia and look at EGYPT!!!largest 10 economies in 2030 I just wonder about RISK in China vs stable countries like USA, Britain, Germany, Japan etc Could we lose our shirts investing in China?
  14. https://www.usmint.gov/learn/coin-and-medal-programs/commemorative-coins/apollo-11-50th-anniversary Anone getting these Special Edition apollo 11 coins? US mint I think theyre gorgeous and think the concave design is really sweet. Especially the gold coin
  15. I think in general you should pay off debt first. But if you believe that you have a good low interst rate then you should pay that off slowly. So it's dependent on the rate your paying, how long it's fixed, and your overall investment portfolio We're at all time low interest rates
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