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  1. As a retail seller, we review pricing weekly or when something comes to light. Normally on weekends when the prices don't move for ease. We try and keep our pricing as low as possible but it isn't always possible especially with some of the "collectable" items. We have to display VAT inclusive prices, Google require this. But its a little more clear with no surprises at checkout to customers so we don't mind. Stock availability is a big player in some product prices. Especially in the times where demand is higher.
  2. Hello Glynsted, If you are using home use scales sometimes you can get incorrect readings. Our BV bars can sometimes be tarnished, I'm sorry you don't feel happy with it. If you want to I can replace it with a best Value coin, we don't have any bars in stock atm.
  3. Yes they're the same coin... Just maybe something wrong with Images (or maybe the camera setting is too warm on the other pic)
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