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  1. Rhodium is just a made up name. Yarr like it exists its like a paper silver thang
  2. looks like liquid barbed wire amazing.
  3. My lady of the night and weedlord both take cards and give nectar points
  4. That bet is too easy. try again and be better
  5. There is nothing wrong with the way it is now just needs more content as you know. What website software / site / hosting are you using I may be able to help you.
  6. all has been good with me.
  7. Has anyone here reported this scammer? clever word plays and weaselly descriptions is still a scam in my book. If we all report them as I have just done EBay will act
  8. Does that mean we sell or buy? brain hurtee
  9. don`t screenshot it. Link it
  10. You are Sheep Sheep on Sheeple long? short? WTF are you on about? There is only 1 trend PROPERTY GOES UP MONEY GOES DOWN PM IS THE HEDGE If you can`t hold it in your hands it isnt yours Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah .
  11. If I can`t sleep tonight neither will you... sweet dreams
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