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  1. Consecutive numbers, nice - don't see that all too often. GLWTS.
  2. Awesome giveaway! Very generous. Massive thank you to @RoslandGold and to TSF admins. Good luck all!
  3. Awesome giveaway! Good luck all! Cheers TSF! & Thank you @Lr103!
  4. Yeah, like I said, I know nothing about American/old numis coins in general, just a bit of fun.
  5. Na, paid a fiver - took my nan out for the day and was bored haha 😆
  6. Hey SF members, Time for a chuckle. Took my nan to a flea market. Got bored. Bought some moody silver on a punt (was wrapped and caked in dirt/grub) and a cup of tea. Cleaned em up at home and had a good ol' laugh to myself. Pictures below. Feel free to have a chuckle 👍
  7. Nice, but I prefer the last set tbh! New one looks a little cluttered IMO.
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