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  1. Today's collection from my local coin dealer😊
  2. Probably this one. 1874 die 32 shieldback from the London mint Edit, must get a better photo
  3. Rekindling the childhood, I think this one's OK. Although I've got another on order just incase🤞
  4. As it's a good time to buy (when isn't 😁) I received these from my local coin dealer, happy days
  5. Thanks, this one is offered at £12k. I think it's a bit rich personally. The bit that I'm struggling with is Marshes rate it as R6, but there must be more than 3-4 sovs in existence?
  6. Hi Elements, it's been graded as SP 61 with NGC
  7. As above really, I've been offered a 1908 Canadian Sov. I'm well aware of the rarity but prices seem to be all over the place. Does anyone have any experience of these and the prices? Cheers
  8. It wasn't too bad Mike, although it's definitely the most expensive bit of non gold in my collection 😂
  9. She's a little tired, but still very pretty.... I think
  10. Something a little different for the collection today, 1847 Gothic Crown 😊
  11. Only one recent purchase, and this is what caught my eye. 1918 Canadian mint.
  12. That crossed my mind initially but the seller confirmed it was bullion, albeit very nice bullion.
  13. Thanks Steve, unfortunately I was too slow off the mark. The guy sold it earlier whilst I was deliberating 😣
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