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  1. It wasn't too bad Mike, although it's definitely the most expensive bit of non gold in my collection πŸ˜‚
  2. She's a little tired, but still very pretty.... I think
  3. Something a little different for the collection today, 1847 Gothic Crown 😊
  4. Only one recent purchase, and this is what caught my eye. 1918 Canadian mint.
  5. That crossed my mind initially but the seller confirmed it was bullion, albeit very nice bullion.
  6. Thanks Steve, unfortunately I was too slow off the mark. The guy sold it earlier whilst I was deliberating 😣
  7. I'm considering buying this coin, any guesstimates at what it might grade at? Cheers
  8. Any recommendations for a reliable supply of casting grains? Many thanks
  9. Local coin dealer came up trumps with these two. 1979 full proof and 1980 half proof, pleased with these
  10. Anyone got a link for the double 2020 Sov? I seemed to be chasing shadows..lol
  11. @Brucey I think you should've contacted @Bullionbillyprior to sending any gifts, as there's been a slight mix up. How did you send the gift, as we've not exchanged and details? Cheers Darren
  12. No problem, hope you enjoy them and have a great Christmas. I'll be opening mine on the day too! All the bestπŸŽ„πŸŽ…
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