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  1. Does anyone know anything about the Baird 1oz silver Lunar series? Specifically, was it abandoned mid-series? I have seen the Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat but no others. Presumably these cover 2010-2015. There is no further information on their website.
  2. Are the 2020 1/10oz silver Britannias new or have they been produced in other years? (I'm referring to bullion) They are mentioned on the Royal Mint website but does anyone know how many are made or what price they are from dealers?
  3. Hi Marmite, There are lots. It would be in the thousands. One way to get an idea might be to look at the mints' websites. Perth Mint, Royal Mint etc. I've been collecting/stacking for a couple of years and have noticed new products coming from the RM for example. The Valiant and Royal Arms, along with series coins like the Lunar and Landmarks soon bring the numbers up. Though there are several national coins, some mints make bullion coins for other nations. What can be difficult, I have found, is finding information on some coins/rounds even from the mint's website.
  4. Magnet test the Brits before melting 😊
  5. Is the Baird Lunar Series still ongoing? The animals which match 2011-2015 (rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat) are available on ebay but nothing more recent. I'm wondering if they abandoned it due to low interest. The Baird Mint website is not very informative. They don't have information on some of the previous rounds they've produced such as mintages or even which coins. Cheers
  6. Thanks Chris. Still finding my way around.
  7. I'm gradually increasing the percentage of UK bullion just in case I ever reach levels affected by CGT. I bought a few random coins at the start. I'd like to pick up some bars at some point. SSL
  8. Hi, I registered a while back but here's my introduction. I'm a budget stacker in UK, looking at silver only at the moment. Been stacking just over a year. Found great advice on Youtube on the Shadowstack and BYB channels. I like Stacker Noob too. As I'm gradually building the stack it feels like there is so much to get hold of. I'm trying to build foundation (Britannias) and pick up the Queen's Beasts, and then there's the Valiants and Royal Arms etc. I'm on Instagram and Youtube. My username derives from the Howling Wolf song (Smokestack Lightning) that was going round in my
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