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  1. The post offices selling the black box ones now? I got my 2 original white box ones from the post office.
  2. It’s a standard coin with some form of special feature mark, usually the privy mark is the lunar year on a lot of coins now. For example you can get Britannia’s with the lunar year marking (horse, dog pig etc) stamped around the rim. Or the Canadian maples with the lunar mark on the face of the coin below the maple leaf, often even this symbol will be colourised or enamelled.
  3. I started a posted over on the general section over the same thing, just a gang of jokers by the looks
  4. I’ve got half a dozen of these from last year and the quality is the same typical quality you get on all these aluminium type cases, fine for keeping coins in safe and protected but I wouldn’t go throwing it down the stairs. seen ones for twice the price that are no better quality so there a great deal I bought 5 at first as there’s 5 trays in the case ( 1 of 1 size and 2 each of others) so I have them set up with all the same size trays in each so it’s nice and neat. smallest tray only takes up to 22mm so only really fits either the likes of pound coins in, loose sovs, 1/10ths in capsules etc, you get 1 of them trays, you get 2 trays that take up to 33mm that I’m actually yet to use for anything other than £2 coins most useful size to me is the 45mm ones that you also get 2 of as these fit all my 1oz stuff in capsules so I use that for my date runs etc.
  5. Possibly something like that but I’d paid by debit card that is registered to me and my addresse that was also the delivery address, and also I’ve used the card before with them for a prior purchase so I really don’t get it. There really not a good company
  6. It says due to the value of the order, so maybe it’s the gold there suggesting they need to credit check me for @kiskelo as I’ve also ordered off them before. @zeusss4 I thought exactly the same as you! On part of the order it says fully allocated waiting to send existing orders. So my guess is there seeing how many people they can put off first before having to tell people the truth and losing face.
  7. So like a few people on here I have ordered a few of the 2011 brits and a few of the 1/10 gold Brit’s off Westminster’s Black Friday deals, entered my card details and sat back waiting to receive them. today instead I’ve received a letter from them asking for my permission to do a credit check on me! For what? Ive ordered coins not part of there follow on collection cons and I’ve paid up front so why the hell would I consent to them doing a credit check on me! Safe to say they can stick there coins up there a$$
  8. Thanks for the advice I’ve got a wanted add up on the trade section at the minute for a few so if you fancy selling the siren let me know.
  9. I got one off eBay 2 weeks ago for £163 delivered so worth a look on there any one that’s after one, really pretty bar and good feel in the hand 👍🏼
  10. Thanks, have you used them dealers before? Not ones I’ve heard off so any feedback from anyone that’s used them?
  11. @Bullionbilly can I jump in late and get involved please? Hopefully in time to get number 77 too?? only pretty new to stacking so don’t have loads but would like to give a 1oz silver coin or round - I’ll have a dig through and confirm what tomorrow evening, and also a 1/2oz silver Timberwolf hope that’s ok? I know some have donated some amazing stuff, hopefully next year I’d be in a position to offer more so I hoe people don’t think I’m cheeky for being new and jumping on board with a small offering, just seemed fun and a bit of Christmas spirit. also I realise with only being fairly new I shall send my prize off first and wait for confirmation 👍🏼
  12. To be honest I need them all, I just like the look of them so was thinking of getting a set, maybe 2 sets what ones have you got and what’s the prices please?
  13. Anyone know best place to pick up some of the privateer rounds? Preferably in the UK or Europe thanks
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