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  1. 1998, 2000 and off memory 2006 and 2007
  2. Very collectible. I also collect them and have a date run from 1989 to 2021 with just 4 years missing.
  3. I considered Ebay but would rather sell on here as less hassle. I have a couple more which I will be keeping.
  4. Box/COA: Yes, both box and COA as per delivered direct from Royal Mint. Condition notes: Not taken out of capsule. Box only opened for photos. Price: £210 including RM special delivery Item Location: UK Shipping destinations: Will only ship to UK mainland. Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer or PayPal f&f or add fees 3.4% Dispatch Time: Dispatch will be within 24 hours of cleared payment. (Unless weekend).
  5. Bluenitsuj

    Silver Trader

    Bought loads from him. Excellent service always. Just received 5 x 2021 rectangular dragon bars in the post today from him. Only bought them Monday.
  6. Hi Everyone Anybody got a spare tube as per the title that is not wanted? Thank you in advance
  7. I gave a fake phone number when ordering and unsubscribed from all marketing when I received my items. Stops all the marketing calls to upsell. They also do credit checks but not had one done on me so may just be random.
  8. When getting these usually one off deals I always give a made up phone number so no calls. The post I just change my marketing preferences or give them a call if it continues. Emails just unsubscribe.
  9. I certainly do not want to commit fraud so will take the hit but was just interested if there was anyway around it, which obviously there isn't. It may still turn up and is still within the 10 days of posting.
  10. For those that have made a claim for a lost package, sent 1st class signed for, what would you advise saying was in the package (i am aware precious metals not covered) and what proof do they need. I think it is covered up to £50. Parcel may still turn up but just seeking advice, and am aware that I will probably receive nothing back.
  11. I will be very surprised if they call me as I made up the phone number so will be interesting to see if my order disappears for a second time.
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