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  1. Sorry. I have the 2020 bars now and forgot to edit post. Have now edited Thank you anyway
  2. As per title - anyone have a spare at a competitive price please Also looking for the 3rd in the giants of the ice age set (sabre tooth tiger I think) 2018 dragon rectangle bar x 4
  3. Got mine on order from @Panda6Pack He may have some spares when they arrive
  4. I believe @Panda6Pack is getting a number of these in
  5. When would payment likely to be if allocated one?
  6. Wish my daughter had your mind set.
  7. If it is 25,000 I think I will leave it and try and pick one up in the new year secondary market. Maybe a little cheaper.
  8. Could be released tomorrow. Just had email from RM and coin exchange saying very heavy snow tomorrow????
  9. Coloured is 25,000 so will give it a miss. Save my money for the Snowman 2
  10. I do not think they have released details yet. They do seem to keep changing it. The 2nd Gruffalo was a 9am one. Once i get a notification from Royal Mint I can let you know.
  11. Hopefully the mintage is around 15,000 rather than 25,000 as per the last few coin releases.
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