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  1. Yep there is one. You can still get them at aurinum.de for example.
  2. Just because I find it interesting: In Munich there is a precious metal seller "proaurum". They built the building in form of a gold bar with size of 42 by 23 by 8 meters which has a volume of all the gold above ground.
  3. I don't know if you already made your purchase but I wanted to give you my recommendations. I am a silver stacker but in January I decided to get some gold. So I had the same question as you which coin to buy. I went with the Britannia and the American Eagle. The Britannia because I just LOVE the silver Britannia's and the American Eagle because I love the silver eagles. The American Gold Eagle was a little bit disappointing for me once I got it. But the gold Britannia just blew my mind. Its in my opinion the best looking gold coin (buillon wise) out there. If I could go back in time I would rather have picked two Britannias than the Eagle. When investing such a amount of money its (for me) very important that I like what I buy. With Britannias you can never go wrong.
  4. Did anyone actually get this coin? I really like the silver homer and I am considering getting the gold one too. Theres not really much premium on the coin here in Germany and it has a low mintage (is 5000 considered as low?).
  5. They do international shipping if you contact them before the order. At least that’s the information support gave me a while back. They may have changed that of course.
  6. Guys you can still order those coins from German silver corner shop. They have all three 20 € for homer, around 65 for the donut and 130 for the family 2 oz.
  7. Thank you very much for the tip. I did order it right now cant wait to get my hands on this "medal". 🤣 I really dont want to break off an argument now because of my expierence with goldsilver.be. I know that many many people have made great expierences with them and are happy customers and thats great. I just wanted to share my "story" and my disappointing conversation with them. And there really is nothing wrong with asking about some kind of proof. Its not like I feel "insulted" because of it now. I'm good with it.😄
  8. @Golddigger69 Thank you for your words. I wished my expierence with them was better I really wanted to order from them since they have the best prices. Better than in Germany at least. And ordering with the europeanmint is too expensive with the shipping so I'll guess I have to stick to my german dealers then.
  9. I dont know what happened with my post I tried to upload the photo now it did something messy with that quote. I just want to repeat myself what I wrote above but it says now in my post Attilio said this: Yes of course I can sorry I didnt upload earlier but I was on my mobile phone. Someone said it is "strange" that I have only one post and I am a new member. I must say that I only registered because I read the whole thing with this dude in this topic and I always wanted to try out goldsilver.be too. I was a silent reader for many months before I even registered. I just registered now because I wanted to share my expierence with them. Unfortunately its not as good as other peoples expierence. I really dont know why she was so "annoyed" but why would I ever want to order from them. They seem to just act out of their mood I would be scared now to order with them since I wrote that mail with me real name. 
  10. I can only agree. I will never ever order something from goldsilver.be. I was asking the other day via eMail if a specific coin was available or if there is any chance to get that coin in stock. I was asking about the 10 oz South Korean Tiger. To my surprised I got an answer quickly within a couple of hourse but the person answering "Christine" or something like this just "shouted" at me "THIS IS A MEDAL NO COIN CLEAR OFF!" Like what the hell? Is this how you treat customers?
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