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  1. I remember being at the 1991 November London Coin Fair at The Cumberland Hotel in November while England were playing Australia in the World Cup Final at Twickenham . Like myself, I think a few of the dealers had recorded the match to watch when they got home. I managed to avoid all talk of the latest score, and then right at the end of the show, one of the organisers came on the tannoy and to everyone's shock told the final score. I think they thought they were just being helpful. England still have to get past the All blacks first, which as we all know won't be exactly easy. Anyhow, as always we will have our table downstairs in the main room. I hope everyone that goes enjoys there day out.
  2. Hello, Unfortunately in my opinion and 30 years of dealing, they both look counterfeit on the photographs to me, the colour looks wrong, to pale yellow as does the definition. The surfaces look mushy, St.George's six pack doesn't show a any definition nor does the bottom horse's hoof and head. This is just my opinion. Regards, Neilsmithcoins
  3. Hello, Thank you for the welcome, am I correct in thinking that we maybe did some business earlier today. Apologies if I have got the wrong person. Best regards, Neil.
  4. Hello Pete, Firstly, thank you for the welcome to the forum. In answer to your questions, generally I think it is by supply and demand and of course rarity. If all coin dealers are after a particular dated proof sovereign the majority will pay a lot higher price and work on a smaller margin if for example they can sell it that afternoon. If it is a date that they have a stack of,and are not selling at that time,the price that they offer will leave a lot bigger margin. As a dealer I always prefer people to tell me what they want for an item, so I can decide, if I have a load in stock but can still turn it over to a fellow dealer at a small profit I will still buy it. Some times for example at this time of year some dealers may have just paid out a lot of money in stocking up on 2019 gold sovereign series as we have just done, if the same dealer has bought another high value collection around the same time they might be running lower than normal on funds and not bid so high. Different dealers work on different margins, some have shops and staff and all the accompanying expenses to pay for, before they take home a wage for example so would probably need a larger margin. This is my opinion on your question I hope it helps. Best regards, Neil.
  5. Hello, I am a dealer who has been in the business for thirty years and has only just found the forum, it looks to have some interesting articles and points from people around the world. Kind regards, Neil.
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