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  1. Thank you for posting this, I had a conversation with our insurers yesterday who confirmed anything over £2500 would be in breach of terms and conditions. Some dealers insurance was any parcel lost, the first £2500 would be paid by the Royal Mail the rest by the insurance company, obviously this is no longer valid and has to be covered wholly by the insurance company. I can see an increase in premiums for next years insurance.
  2. I remember being at the 1991 November London Coin Fair at The Cumberland Hotel in November while England were playing Australia in the World Cup Final at Twickenham . Like myself, I think a few of the dealers had recorded the match to watch when they got home. I managed to avoid all talk of the latest score, and then right at the end of the show, one of the organisers came on the tannoy and to everyone's shock told the final score. I think they thought they were just being helpful. England still have to get past the All blacks first, which as we all know won't be exactly easy.
  3. Hello, Unfortunately in my opinion and 30 years of dealing, they both look counterfeit on the photographs to me, the colour looks wrong, to pale yellow as does the definition. The surfaces look mushy, St.George's six pack doesn't show a any definition nor does the bottom horse's hoof and head. This is just my opinion. Regards, Neilsmithcoins
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