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  1. Very interesting reading! Thank you! I will most certainly research it more
  2. So! I have news! The metalyzer thingie gave some interesting results! It gave negative on sterling silver 92,5% but possitive on 90%. In my opinion that would suggest that this coin is genuine? Does anyone by any chance know how "exact" the metal mixing was 200 years ago? If I'm not mistaken, this leads me back to my original question
  3. Rather interesting I have to say to also have the gifter random instead of knowing what prize lies in store
  4. Right! Coin off to testing Soon we'll know!
  5. I would love a Sigma metal scanner but the prices on those! I'd have to sell my krรผgerrand for that almost ๐Ÿฅต It's a little small to pass the ice cube test I think. I tried it on a genuine shilling but same poor result sadly. But! Apparently I have a colleague with a Sigma verifier So havn't lost hope yet
  6. Haha, well no. But I have now! 23,5 mm Catalogue says 24 so within margin I would say
  7. I can now add a little more information The weight is 5,68-5,69 on the scale, proper weight should be 5,66. And the cling is exactly the same as a guaranteed genuine shilling from 1865. So that bodes well But the magnet test, it slides of much quicker than the 1865 but definitely slower than a copper nickel coin?
  8. I have begun investiogations in earnest now haha! I'm both grateful and a little bit annoyed with myself for asking haha I hope you take it the right way You can maybe guide me to those collectors one day? so I might get an estimation what potential forgeries go for nowadays
  9. Indeed it does! And I tried the magnet test again with a 1787 shilling I have... I might have been sold a forgery ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Good thing I'm a friend of the coin dealer seller, I shall see what he has to say about it Fun piece none the less!
  10. Quite interesting! A quick google gave some interesting results I haven't though that it might be a forgery as it is silver as far as I know. It weight correctly and passes the magnet slide test at least. I shall investigate further! Thank you!
  11. Interesting! Any ideas where to read up on the subject and maybe learn how to distinguish between them?
  12. Greetings! Now! Who is the forum's leading expert on old shillings? I have an 1817 shilling in (in my humble opinion) quite good shape. However it seems to have die cracks and doubling of the lettering on the obverse. Does anyone know if this is common on this type of coins or if I made a rather bad deal? Well.. No I didn't do a bad deal because I was willing to pay for it anyways, I saw the doubling afterward so it might all be just a big bonus Sorry for the rather poor image quality of my microscope (my poor focus handling more like it!). I have some more close-ups of the
  13. Haha yes indeed! Was faster across the Atlantic by boat than criss crossing Sweden for over two weeks haha! But he who waits, always waits a bit to long
  14. And beautiful they are too! The one I was fortunate enough to get from you last year is my pride and joy of my gold collection That one will never be sold when I sell of all my gold to fund my future house
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