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  1. Greetings! Anyone knowledgeable about Chinese spade coins? I recieved these in a coin bag from a dealer friend of mine and I know there are many fakes around. They weigh just over 6 grams each and measure about 42 mm high and about 22 mm across about half way up. I put a mm-scale on the photos for scale and the square pattern should also be to mm-scale. I have found similar ones on Numista, both weight, size and shape, but I want expert opinions whether or not you think they might be fake or not. I don't want to hope to much as I know to little about these Thanks in advance!
  2. Good good :) I sent a message 12 hours ago asking for shipping cost to Sweden without any response. Therefore my question :) Main thing is that you got or sold :)
  3. Don't seem too eager to respond to messages regarding this item though? Hope you got it sold.
  4. Thing is, what is "priced fairly" hehe. Offers are considered
  5. Photos will be added when there is daylight I wouldn't consider myself a "new" member being on here since 2018 or something but definitely a new seller in that sense. I do have reciepts on most of them somewhere... A couple has been bought on here so no "formal" reciept on those. Is it perhaps better selling them one by one? Thank you for your valuable input! I will calculate shipping to UK and Europe in general tomorrow. Getting late here
  6. Ahh yes of course! I usually buy (a little to much) and very rarely sell. I'm looking for 335 gbp per coin, 4020 for the lot, box included. That is I believe 5-6% over spot?
  7. Greetings! I am in house buying thoughts and wonder if there is anyone interested in a wooden box with 12 gold sovereigns spanning from the 1890s to 2020? I'm looking to sell the lot as one but good offers on single ones will be considered. Offers or tips where to sell at decent prices is greatly appreciated I'm also based in Sweden which can be good information for you. Pictures will be added in due course. Edit: I'm looking for 335 gbp per coin, 4020 for the lot, box included. That is I believe 5-6% over spot?
  8. Thank you all involved in this years calendar, as we say here in Sweden, no one mentioned, no one forgotten Always fun! I think this is my third year and the suspense! Thank you all!
  9. Haha hopefully! You should see my calculation spreadsheet regarding blasting damage in rock bore holes and rock reinforcement calculations back from university πŸ˜… Almost somewhat erotic! Like unpacking a new nice coin hehe
  10. Haha! Yes! I'm an engineer so I tend to do the same haha Glad to not be alone hehe
  11. Very interesting reading! Thank you! I will most certainly research it more
  12. So! I have news! The metalyzer thingie gave some interesting results! It gave negative on sterling silver 92,5% but possitive on 90%. In my opinion that would suggest that this coin is genuine? Does anyone by any chance know how "exact" the metal mixing was 200 years ago? If I'm not mistaken, this leads me back to my original question
  13. Rather interesting I have to say to also have the gifter random instead of knowing what prize lies in store
  14. Right! Coin off to testing Soon we'll know!
  15. I would love a Sigma metal scanner but the prices on those! I'd have to sell my krΓΌgerrand for that almost πŸ₯΅ It's a little small to pass the ice cube test I think. I tried it on a genuine shilling but same poor result sadly. But! Apparently I have a colleague with a Sigma verifier So havn't lost hope yet
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