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  1. I have not in fact. I bought it from a reputable source a year or so ago Yes! I was VERY careful not to have the stapler to close hehe. I have a special coin flip stapler that can get up and close without touching the coin itself. I see! Thanks for the info I like it just the way it is and it goes great with my 1861 Australian half And my full sov collection Thanks again for the info!
  2. I have an Australian half Sovereign 1915 that when I looked closer at it seems to have rotation betweel the obverse and the reverse.I moved it to a paper flip and added a staple at 6 o'clock to show the difference, the St George side looks straigt in the flip but apparantly I didn't hold the camera straight haha! But hopefully you can see the difference. Personally I have never heard about sovs being rotated? Have any of you? Is it any added premium if selling? Gold is up after all
  3. Pictures really messed with me tonight. Might just be the whisky though hehe Added 0 minutes later... About as old as I am then Just fun to know! Thanks!
  4. I'll try for a picture. IMG_1609.HEIC
  5. Hello forum! I am in need of your aid! I bought a 1 kg Degussa-bar from a coin dealer friend of mine here in Sweden. It has a rather low serial number and I'm curious as to how old it may be. I have been in contact with Degussa directly but it's apparantly to old for them to keep records and Google ha failed for once.. The serial number is 034300 and it is engraved as a memorial gift from a Swedish precious metal company called GEWE on their 50th anniversary in 1988 to one of their employes. So 1988 or older at least Does anyone have any knowledge as to how old it may actually be?
  6. Finally it's here It took almost twice as long travelling around inside Sweden from one end of the country to the other for no apparent reason before it could be collected than it took to cross the Atlantic Ocean, but now it's here! Thank you @Lr103 and thank you for your patience with the Swedish Postal services taking their time delivering This one shall receive a special place in my collection next to the other gold coins
  7. Still nothing from Swedish postal services and package seems to be lost. I have made a reclamation to the postal services as the package was insured (good thing!). Still to hear from them but most likely I will send another package when I get home efter new years.
  8. If I'm not completely mistaken that is a Polish coin. Then the figure is Hedwig of Silesia. Or Jadwiga in Polish I have a few silver coins from Poland with that design and they are beautiful even if worn. Hedvig is also the name of my great grand mother who past away many years ago. More reading of Hedwig here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedwig_of_Silesia
  9. That reminds me on who ever it was that said something like "Why do they spell dyslexia with x and lisp with s?".
  10. I'm curious how this will develop! Covfefe everybody and a merry apple!
  11. Nah, all UK's brussels sprouts are spread all over Fife, remember Made the news even in Sweden haha
  12. @Bullionbilly Just to let you know, Package was handed in on dec 4th in Gothenburg, Sweden, on it's way to UK and PansPurse, the only notification from the tracking number is that "it's o its way" on Dec 6th, after that awfully quiet... I have had correspondence with PansPurse and as of a few days ago it hadn't arrived. I will make inquiries to the Swedish postal services, Postnord (also known as postmord ((post murder))...) on Monday as it's been almost three weeks and even Postnord ain't that bad... It has a tracking number and is insured so we'll get it sorted and if it comes to that point I will of course send new coins. Just so you know that all shipping isn't going all too well which is sad. I am however very impressed and glad that you took it upon yourself to do this once more! Thank you!
  13. Quick as can be! I am overwhelmed! I look forward to collecting it
  14. That no one cares is a bit steep. The question arises in Sweden among politicians to make Sweden a republic from time to time, but the Royal family sits strong in Sweden. We have a representative monarchy that means the King has no real power any longer and is more a ceremonial head of state. Our King has been on the throne for quite some time as well, since 1973 (nothing like QEII though with 21 more years) and some people want her eldest child, Victoria to take over. But we'll see. I myself represent a party that is mainly for republic but I stand with the Royal family I like them! One really ironic thing is that the Queen, Silvia, has become a real symbol of Sweden, and she's from Germany haha Ohh the irony hehe
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