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  1. I think I already have a couple of those on order no? :-) Added 0 minutes later... I think I have a couple of those coming from you already :-)
  2. Hi BYB, Sorry been away busy so not sure if i am to late? Am I?
  3. VERY lucky, or maybe it was destined :-) ... I simply stared at it for ages as it sat in front of me on my desk. Big smile on my face. Yep this is a special coin indeed. Can only have ones first Gold Coin once :-) So really cant thank you enough. Absolutely beautiful 😄
  4. Recieved my first ever gold coin #17 prize. 1/10th oz Gold US Eagle Thank you Mr and Mrs BYB it is a joy indeed.... :-)
  5. WOW I am amazed, very happy, had to re read the PM as I thought NO WAY lol. First raffle I have won since the office party back in 1978 lol Thank you so much I really did not expect to win anything so I am truly chuffed 😄 A HUUUUUGE thanks to BYB, although new here I can see you all work very hard to make BYB and the forum a success and no doubt both will see continued growth and popularity going forward. Congrats also to all of the winners. Cheers 😄
  6. Ah that makes sense thank you. I was looking at the https://goldsilver.be/en/203-queen-s-beasts
  7. wow just took a look at the 2oz queens beast Facon and noticed the 1oz due in November is double the price of the 2oz which is in stock. Is that simply down to the 1oz being more desirable or am I misunderstanding something here or should I say what am I missing here :-)
  8. queens beast 2oz & Britannias are available in the group orders or no? Just wondering as I will probably stick to group order to start as its my first purchase gold sovereigns from UK supplier is best according to previous post yes? Somewhere like atkinsons bullion, although gonna start with Silver only for now :-)
  9. Thank you. Really appreciated :-)
  10. Excellent, thank you this kind of info helps alot in understand how others look at this and also helps clear the glaze lol :-) Thanks again
  11. Ahh sorry about that, thank you mate,much appreciated :-) still getting used to using the forum and promise i will improve :-) Thanks again mate
  12. Thank you very much. This helps clarify alot for me. I will indeed be placing an order with BYB working on doing so next weekend. Probably a combination of coins and bars. So if spending around £2000 what would you guys think would be a good mix for someone based in the UK with a UK bank account. That has never bought any gold or silver before for stacking. I guess a better question is what would your choice be (this is open to all in this forum) if you knew what you know now. And were going back to when you first started collecting silver. How would you spend your initial £2000 :-) yes I am not looking for financial advice and understand one can not give such advice. But interested to see how YOU would spend such amounts if your goal was first and foremost to start building a stack of silver from scratch. All comments are welcome and much appreciated. Thank you :-) Added 0 minutes later... I am planing on doing exactly that :-) Thank you.
  13. As I am new to stacking can I ask how one goes about first getting a stack of cheap silver. Do you mean simply buy by weight coins and bars or something else? I am looking at placing my first order and having gone over many posts in the forum (many many more to read too) I am starting to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the broad range of information available here. Excellent by the way :-) Really I simply need to make a start and improve over time so for now just thinking about best approaches really. All tips / suggestions / thoughts welcome thanks, ever so much appreciated :-)
  14. Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.
  15. Hi everyone, I am new here and am looking to start a Silver and Gold stack but starting with Silver for now. Hoping to pick up some tips and share in the knowledge and grow with the community.
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