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  1. Its still for sale 😀 also listed on ebay 😁
  2. Many many years ago Someone in Blackpool only had 100 numbers and she won 1 million pound... I invest minimum of £25 a month... I only do it really as I find it soo easy to save up
  3. My dad will love this coin!! Everyday with out fail he watches star trek lol
  4. Thesilverguy

    keep haggling

    If you need any cheep silver buddy drop us a message
  5. Yes airholes are good and i use tie wraps to wrap round the frame to keep in plade befor pouring the silver😁
  6. Hello guys i just wanted to show you my first hand poured dragon round I hand poured this using 999fs i also made my own mold too not to bad for first try 😁 This is a chunky one, its nearly 300grams I am thinking of sending this to the Edinburgh assay office along with different and bigger designs to get stamped hopefully sometime this year 😀
  7. Can mrs byb or your dad not do it? maybe everyone leaves a little tip 😁
  8. Good luck buddy only £30 more and you have hit your target
  9. Il have number 200 please i will pay when i pay my Tetris monthly at the end of the month if thats okay
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