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  1. I'm on the West Coast of Scotland and an eight hour drive away from the channel tunnel 😭 Having drove coaches over to Europe and back I can confirm that customs checks at Dover are very basic. Quick look for immigrants and a run of a sniffer dog for drugs. I think it will be down to common sense really, don't try coming back driving a giant bar of 999 🤣
  2. Silver Forum euro trip 2020
  3. I have a license to drive a coach....🤣
  4. but officer its my silver I was just taking it for a walk 🤣🤣
  5. Nemo86

    Brexit lol

    I reckon we could set up our own trade deal with Estonia (European Mint) 😂
  6. My old man ia in perth right now visiting family 🤔 might have to give him a quick call 😂😂
  7. Nice one ill make sure I bring plenty of euros 😁
  8. Ah nice one...now just have to work on my excuses to hide from the wife for and afternoon 🤣 How is the pricing compared to the uk?
  9. Going to be over in Paris for a few days and was wondering if there were any decent coin / bullion shops you guys would recommend. I know its a long shot but thought Id ask to see.
  10. Thats it 🤣 You can tell google and I dont have the best relationship
  11. Hi guys Just picked up this coin and wondering if anyone had any info on it? Never seen one before.
  12. Hi guys just been offered a 500g Gieger Copper bar for £15 I was wondering if anyone invested in copper and if it was worth while.
  13. Got mine this morning cant thank you enough
  14. He did have a few I was for heading back in for another mooch later on see what I could pick up. Yeah the guys on reddit suggested that the tone lines are because the coin had been sitting in a dead guys pocket of ages 😂
  15. Isnt the 1964 half dollar the only one with 90% silver though?
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