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  1. Nemo86

    Silver Sovereign

    Id contact them see what they say. I'm still waiting on my free threepence
  2. Hi guys Just putting the feelers out there looking to see if anyone would like to trade: 10oz of silver coins and bars for a silver 10oz bar. thanks for looking
  3. Yeah just off the phone to them, "could I interest you in the whole set for 5 easy payments of £79"....No 🤣 69.87 grams of silver for a total of £395....surely the deal of the century 🤣
  4. My father recommended Ramsdens but my alarm bells went off. 🤣
  5. nice one guys going to check these out.
  6. Hi guys I have been having a rummage around my old jewellery that was once forgotten and I have found a few 9ct gold chains (broken). I was wondering if you guys could recommend somewhere to sell these. Only got about 15g
  7. My dad sent me a photo of this when he visited the perth mint last year...I sent him to pick me up some gold coins....somehow I think that would exceed his baggage allowance 🤣
  8. Nemo86

    Silver Sovereign

    I have always had two stacks, one for me and one for my kids...Thankfully I didnt have to part with my kids stack when my business went to the dogs. this will be part of theirs.
  9. Yeah check out my post to have a look at it. I felt dirty purchasing a silver "sovereign" lol but its alright for a cheeky wee purchase.
  10. Nemo86

    Silver Sovereign

    Hi guys After a terrible year with losing my business due to covid-19 and having to sell my stack I'm starting all over again now things are going good. Heres one of my first purchases (It was a bit of an impulse buy I have to admit). I caught an ad from the London mint about the worlds first silver sovereign and I was intrigued. Picked this up for £10 plus p&p (2.50) Specifications Metal: .999 Silver Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated Weight: 7.98g Diameter: 22.05mm Denomination: Sovereign Issue Limit: 300,000 Issuing Authority: G
  11. I'm on the West Coast of Scotland and an eight hour drive away from the channel tunnel 😭 Having drove coaches over to Europe and back I can confirm that customs checks at Dover are very basic. Quick look for immigrants and a run of a sniffer dog for drugs. I think it will be down to common sense really, don't try coming back driving a giant bar of 999 🤣
  12. Silver Forum euro trip 2020
  13. I have a license to drive a coach....🤣
  14. but officer its my silver I was just taking it for a walk 🤣🤣
  15. Nemo86

    Brexit lol

    I reckon we could set up our own trade deal with Estonia (European Mint) 😂
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