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  1. I have for sale both the seventh and eighth 1oz silver proof coins in the Queens Beast Series. Both Coins come in original mint packaging and include the outer box, booklet, case, COA and coin in capsule. The coin capsules have not been opened. The coins are: Alloy: 999 Silver Quality: Proof COA: 1,072 (White Horse) and 1,659 (White Lion) Max Coin Mintage: 4,310 (White Horse) and 4,360 (White Lion) Limited Edition Presentation: 4,200 (White Horse and White Lion) Price: The White Horse of Hanover £120 + postage at buyers choice and risk The White Lion of Mortimer £120 + postage at buyers choice and risk Payment: Payment via Bank Transfer or Paypal Friends and Family
  2. 10oz silver Britannia bar in capsule £310 plus postage It is recommended that the coin is sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery @ £7.55 Payment by Bank Transfer. Any questions, please PM me.
  3. I have for sale a number of Canadian Mint 1oz Silver coins. Coins all come in Air-tite capsules as seen in the photos. 2011 Maple £30 2018 Maple £30 2019 Maple £30 2020 Maple £30 Postage at buyers choice and risk. Payment by Paypal (Friends and Family) or Bank Transfer In the photos 2011 is top left, 2018 top right, 2019 bottom left and 2020 bottom right)
  4. I have for sale a 2020 New Zealand Chatham Island Crested Penguin 1oz Silver Coin. Coin comes in mint capsule with COA. The coin is 1oz 999 Silver and has a Maximum Mintage of 25,000. The unique number of the coin indicated on the COA is 20,731 Price: £40 Postage at buyers choice and risk. Payment by Paypal Friends and Family or Bank Transfer
  5. I have for sale two coins from the Rise of the Dinosaurs South African Mint series. Coins all come in the Mint packaging and are 1oz 999 Silver. 2019 Euparkeria (max mintage 50,000) £35 2020 Coelophysis Rhodesiensis (max mintage 15,000) £40 Postage at buyers choice and risk. Payment by Paypal (Friends and Family) or Bank Transfer
  6. I have received my 2021 pair of 1oz Silver Forum Bars today. They have joined their older 'brothers/sisters'. Thanks @BackyardBullion and Mrs BYB for all your hard work in creating and distributing these bars and also to @ChrisSilver.
  7. I will take 048 and 049 which I have purchased for the previous 2 years. Thanks
  8. I received my gift today of a 100g Hoard bar from @ilovesilverireallydo. Many thanks! Many thanks to @ChrisSilver and @trp for organising the draw this year! Now just waiting to send out my gift!
  9. I have bought mine in the past from emk.com Its a German dealer and have had good service in the past from them. They currently have the gold and platinum version of the leopard on presale with a release date of 23 November. No sign of the silver 1oz yet on their website.
  10. I'm in. I will locate and confirm my gift. I will donate a 1 oz Silver 2020 Germania Fafnir Round in capsule
  11. Today I received the last 1oz Silver Kookaburra that I needed to complete a full date run from 1990 to 2020.
  12. Received my 2020 Silver Forum Bar this morning! As always, great service from @BackyardBullion and Mrs BYB! Bar looks great and adds to my collection of Silver Forum Bars.
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