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  1. I have for sale the first three coins in the South African Mint The Big 5 Series. Coins all come in the Mint packaging and are 1oz 999 Silver and have a Maximum Mintage of each coin of 15,000 2019 Elephant £80 2020 Lion £75 2020 Rhino £60 SOLD The set of 3 coins: £210 (£5 discount on individual prices) Postage at buyers choice and risk. The remaining two coins in the series were due to be released in August 2020 and February 2021. The August 2020 release has been delayed by the virus. Payment by Paypal Friends and Family or Bank Transfer
  2. I have 3 x 2020 Silver Krugerrands with Milk Spots for sale. All 3 coins have milk spots on both sides. I have tried to show this in the photos which have been taken from different angles. Price for the three coins is £65 plus postage of buyers choice. Payment via PayPal FF or Bank Transfer
  3. Today I received the last 1oz Silver Kookaburra that I needed to complete a full date run from 1990 to 2020.
  4. I have for sale a 2020 1oz Silver BU Tokelau Terra Coin in Capsule. The coin in the photo is the one you will receive. Payment by PayPal F&F or Bank Transfer. £34 plus postage of choice.
  5. I have for sale an Australian 1oz Silver Beneath the Southern Skies coin in a capsule. The coin in the photo is the one you will receive. Payment by PayPal F&F or Bank Transfer. £32 plus postage of choice.
  6. I am looking for a 2004 and 2006 1oz Silver Kookaburra in good condition. If anybody has either coin that they are willing to sell, please send me a message. Thanks
  7. Received my 2020 Silver Forum Bar this morning! As always, great service from @BackyardBullion and Mrs BYB! Bar looks great and adds to my collection of Silver Forum Bars.
  8. I have three different 2020 1 troy oz 999 silver coins from the Pressburg Mint for sale. All coins are described as 'Proof Like' byThe Pressburg Mint Solvakia. The coins come in a mint capsule and are very attractive with a lot of intricate detail. The photos below don't do them justice. 2020 Chronos - 10,000 mintage (2 available) £35 each 2020 Terra - 10,000 mintage (1 available) £35 2020 Icon - 30,000 mintage (1 available) £32 The Icon coin has a different image depending on the angle the coin is held at. I have tried to show this in the photos. Payment by PP
  9. Hi BYB I will take the same number as last year, 008. Thanks
  10. A set of 3 Royal Mint coins celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Captain James Cook's Voyage of Discovery. The set of 3 £2 Silver Proof coins were issued in 2018, 2019 and 2020. With each coin having a maximum mintage of 5,000 and a Limited Edition Presentation mintage of 4,750. The coins come in typical individual Royal Mint proof coin packaging which includes outer box, leaflet, coin case and Certificate of Authenticity. If you signed up for the set of three coins in 2018, then the Royal Mint also supplied a display case to display all 3 coins. This sale is for the set of th
  11. 2020 10oz silver Falcon of the Plantagenets Queens Beast £250 plus £7.50 postage by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Coin is in mint capsule and is still shrink wrapped on part of the card that the coins are supplied on by the mint (3 coins come on the card). Therefore photos have only been taken of the front face of the coin. Payment by Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer. Any questions, please PM me.
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