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  1. I will take one if you still have one left? Thanks
  2. I will take bars 48 and 49, which I think are the ones I purchased last year. Thanks
  3. Send me a PM with a reasonable offer and I will consider it.
  4. For sale are: 1982 Gold Half Sovereign Bullion in Air-tite capsule ยฃ180 2000 Gold Proof Half Sovereign (being sold as bullion) in Air-tite capsule ยฃ190 Postage will be via Royal Mail Special Delivery at ยฃ6.70 on top of coin price. If interested send me a message. Payment via PayPal F&F.
  5. Wow, I won the bonus prize! Thanks @Bullionbilly for organising the Christmas Prize Draw so well! It appears to have been run very smoothly and there have been some great prizes. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a happy new year!
  6. Count me in. I will offer a 2019 1oz South African Big Five LIon coin
  7. BYB the bars look great. I don't own a 2018 bar, so can I be put on the waiting list.
  8. Today I received my latest Group Order coins courtesy of @BackyardBullion. Great Service as always! 2019 10oz Valiant, 10oz Queens Beast Bull of Clarence, 2019 1oz Bird of Paradise, 2019 1oz Australian Nugget, 2019 1oz Double Dragon, 2019 1oz Royal Arms, 2019 2oz Queens Beast Yale of Beaufort and 2019 1oz Canadian Incuse Maple.
  9. Tomcbol

    Pressburg Mint:

    I bought a number of the Chronos and Terra coins from them a couple of months ago. When making the purchase, you have a choice of coin finish (bullion or BU) and also whether they come in capsule. I had no problems with my order and the coins arrived in a timely manner. I ordered the BU in capsules and am very pleased with them. My favourite is the 2018 Chronos.
  10. Great video! It shows exactly how much work and attention to detail that you put into making each of the bars.
  11. @Fathallazf @terakris @Mariner1961 Thanks for your responses and feedback.
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