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  1. The chart is accurate, ive seen it many times, we need to use our head instead of our hearts and emotion to see what's really going on here, stack up with gold, silver, bitcoin, fiat currency, food and water to prepare, there is worse to come as the economy crumbles, we may even see riots in UK once the furlough runs out and people find out they have no job to return to and realize COVID was overblown to serve an Agenda
  2. The graph shows the real evidence, cops should not use excessive force but they do it to all colors not just Black people, the problem now is Antifa have taken over the original protest which was justified but the situation is much different now, you can't say focus on the original issue as it's moved on from that, people are now being robbed and murdered by looters and arsonists which in my view is a planned psyop with an agenda for the US election and/ or to cover for the economic collapse as Covid seemed to have lost it's fear factor. you just have to look at the video of cops dropping off pallets of bricks next to shop windows to know something ain't right here.
  3. pyperb

    The coming Gold crash

    think there will be a dip start of June, if so buy buy buy
  4. just wondering, is this known within the masonic community, Greg Manarino is a mason and has been warning of such scenario
  5. i believe this, jp morgan is an example, thank you for your assessment
  6. all news channels are fed the same script nowadays, plenty of evidence, they are controlled by 6 owners who feed you tripe
  7. still worth making a purchase ? Iv'e just sorted my silver stack and was looking to move into gold
  8. I've been hearing of resets and if that happens both gold and silver bugs will do well
  9. going to be a lot of people going to jail, may take a while yet but looks like it will happen. Durham is the man to achieve this
  10. you've been unlucky then Pete so far but I do see the price hikes coming, with all this money printing surely it has to, if it doesn't over the next few years it never will
  11. Yes Abyss, I am on silver stacking (got some brits from your good self) my stack is 250oz but turning my thoughts to gold now, although every time someone posts silverbrits in the selling forum I am always tempted but must stay focused as I need some gold now, I am also looking at cryptos, if over the next few months I end up with 250 oz silver 5 oz gold few grand of Bitcoin / altcoins I think I will be in a good position over these testing times and try build from that foundation as HawkHybrid has suggested
  12. excellent points guys, I too wish I started with gold back in 2016 but things change, in a year or 2 gold bugs may be wishing they bought silver
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