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  1. When the prices of gold and silver dived in March, for all those who were lucky enough to place and order did you get it OK and how long did it take, I feel there will be another dip before us elections and have cash waiting but want to make sure I will receive the goods
  2. yeah seen that, ff's everywhere nowadays, can feel another epstein happening
  3. kman, i don't think you realize WE ALL are being lead to the slaughter house. white, black, blm, kkk, etc
  4. UK and US on it's knees with commie takeover, we shall see the ones supporting this how they feel when they come for them as history shows when takeover is complete the useful idiots who initiate the takeover are the first ones to get the chop
  5. here is some education if you want to be unbrainwashed but unfortunately you prob wont want to
  6. this is the truth https://www.facebook.com/mrctv/videos/292591268796378/
  7. agreed, i think we are all getting tired of people getting away with murder
  8. what are you trying to suggest there skippy - what you have to ask yourself is why George Floyd ? why are you so focused on him when thousands have been killed by police, did you mourn and protest this dramatically when lee rigby was decapitated, when justine diamond was shot by a policeman in her pyjamas and when that poor retired cop 77 years old was murdered trying to protect his friends pawn shop, you are being selective here. from the info i have seen in the past these were good people, i look at the individual. i personally don't have much time for criminals or is that a thought crime in your legal thought sjw handbook.
  9. agreed but don't let it get in the way of restricting other people thoughts
  10. they've ranged from distasteful to disgusting im not really seeing this myself, maybe your just a bit sensitive
  11. indeed, hypocrisy at the highest level, as Candice Owens says, George Floyd was a low life, he didn't deserve to die but a low life nevertheless, this old cop who was murdered was an upstanding citizen and nothing from anybody, if George Floyd was a white guy, Asian, or alien i would still say he was a low life criminal.
  12. there will be, tommy robinson released a video to protect the monuments in london from being defaced, bad idea
  13. people will soon see this is not a protest for George Floyd but a leftist political movement to gain power, rioting will get a lot worse over the coming weeks.
  14. I think this whole event we are watching is not organic and has been co-ordinated, you could say the same thing about covid, i think we can all agree that the economy was falling off a cliff and these types of events are distractions, usually the way to hide an economic collapse is war and war could still happen
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