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  1. I've been collecting the silver bullion trade dollar series from St. Helena and totally missed the third release in the series. Does anyone know who in Canada or the US may still be carrying them in stock? Thanks in advance!
  2. I am buying gold no smaller in size than 1/4 troy oz.
  3. ChrisBerg


    I like it. This may be the last portrait for QEII. I just wish Canada would go back to using her portrait where she's wearing a crown.
  4. I would like to bid on several coins in the next Heritage Auctions event in four days. I live outside the US and am wondering if anyone has a handle on shipping costs. I'm aware of the hammer fee and what Customs will nail me when the item is delivered to me. Let's say I were to win a $1,500 coin ....
  5. I'm a Morgan fan too! I'm building a date set and you know which four dates that I don't have. LOL Yes ... the $10 Indian is my next favorite US gold piece.
  6. Mr. Corbyn reminds me of a rabid weasel. I'm sorry to say that even over here in the colonies, I feel my UK friends are in for a really rough ride on the Brexit train. Yup ... buy some gold but don't forget silver! Regardless of the future, it is preserved wealth that you want.
  7. Here's the other sides of the pair ...
  8. Well ... I always admired the Saint Gaudens $20 gold coin series and I could no longer resist the urge to have one in my hand. SGBULL has started selling pre 1933 US gold on their site so I took a looki-poo! There were PCGS as well as NGC graded coins and also raw pieces available. I knew what to expect for an MS63 slabbed product but had reservations that I might end up with some unappealing marked piece in that grade. Yeah .... there was tax to deal with too. I jumped in with two feet and bought two of them. I have to say that I was simply amazed at what they sent me!!! There were few minor marks but nothing to detract! No weird oxidation patterns, grime or red spots. Clean edges ... very clean fields for the grade. I am extremely happy with what I received. Don't tell my wife as I want to die a natural death.
  9. The Coin Shoppe in Toronto is running a deal that if you prepay for 12 PC, then you get a ghost. Check out their website.
  10. I have bought 3 pieces of each so far in the series. It stands a chance of being as popular as the Queen's Beasts series. Now .... where can I get 3 "ghosts?
  11. Is any anti tarnishing agent ok for silver bullion in tubes? Do any members know of any brands that might damage silver bullion? I am referring to paper tabs impregnated with anti tarnishing substance.
  12. Regarding the Victoria gold sovereign, I've seen a similar gold coin surface on coins that have been dangling on a charm bracelet for quite a long time.
  13. Don't forget protective leggings and foot shields over your boots. I saw what molten iron did to the top of someone's instep just because he forgot to wear ankle and foot shields.
  14. ... and the knowing look on her face when I told her it was fake told me she didn't buy it ; thinking it was genuine.
  15. I live outside of the USA and have noticed some items available through Apmex aren't carried by PM suppliers where I live. On one occasion, I purchased gold and silver bullion worth over $450 USD but was charged $39 USD shipping BUT also a "destination fee" of $40 USD. I understand the shipping fee but what is the destination fee??? Do other US precious metal suppliers charge additional fees other than for shipping outside of USA? Do any US precious metal suppliers forego shipping costs if your order is greater than a certain value or lesser overall shipping and handling costs in general? Thanks to any comment providers!
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