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    On the coast ..
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    Numismatics (Proof coins)
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    Queens Beasts / every and anything with a Dragon ..
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    Queens Beasts

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  1. Hi J for you my friend, £785 plus some postage unless you live anywhere near the midlands / North west and we can meet up ..
  2. no problem, do you want to send me your number and i will call you tomorrow and get some details ..
  3. Hi Jamie the coins are all in their original capsule's the griffins are still in the shrink wrap are are a few scuffs on the plastic capsule on the dragons but no milk spots or imperfections.. the cost for the recorded delivery is about £6.50 or i could meet you on the A50 Uttoxeter / Burton ? regards
  4. Hi Jamie griffin and dragon in the 10 oz £550 and i only have the lion in the 2 oz ...
  5. Gents Please see the pricing below if you want multiple coins or mixture of the two then im sure we can look at it, and thanks for looking ... Queens Beast 10 oz Falcon £230 Dragon £280 Bull £230 Griffin £290 Queens beast 2oz per roll 10no Dragon £480 Yale £420 Bull £420 Griffin £620 Lion 2016 £650 new lion £420 1kg Dragon 2012 £690
  6. Hi there the Griffin's are selling for £290 which is still a good price on these, unless you want a few other coins ? the 1kg Dragon I Would sell for for £690 or 2no for 1,290 .. i would also possibly deliver depending on the address ...
  7. I will be selling some individually, but would rather rolls of 10 + , I shall be selling the 1KG coins individually if you would like ? cheers ..
  8. yes pal look further up the post you can see most of the coins, what are you after ?
  9. hello Cheeky Would you like to view my ware's, these are going on next month if would like to take a look ... ?
  10. Hi Jamie I could do for £280, I've also dropped the griffins to £310 if your interested ..
  11. Yes that's very good, the loins are usually a lot more than that ... Ive got dragons in the 10 oz when your ready ..
  12. yes i have both what are you after and what sort of money are you thinking ? Ive also got all queens beasts in 2oz
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