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  1. I've agreed with RM account manager that I keep same cert no as it matched my series 1 coin
  2. I found mine to be of very poor QC - there wasn't a QC sticker, generally dusty and a couple of areas where the mirrored surface is damaged - Also sending back
  3. On close inspection, I am a bit concerned about this mark - photographed without capsule
  4. “PAY ATTENTION 007” the second coin in the series and the certificate no matches my first coin in the series 006...Slight panic attack as I thought it had marks on it, until I realised upon closer inspection that they were bubbles!
  5. We don’t normally see the website go down for QB releases. Winnie the Pooh will be popular with the flippers
  6. My RM account manger said it was sold at a significant premium
  7. An awesome certificate number for my 2oz James Bond coin
  8. And the collection to which the above award relates to, with apologies to @Alun for not sharing a pics of his superb case earlier
  9. OK - so technically not something I received today, but I have just been to my PO Box for the first time in months and was very surprised to find this there:
  10. Today I bought...25 bags of multi-finish plaster from my local builders merchants (to be fair they have been putting aside 5 bags a week for me) - according to Radio 2, these have been selling at up to £70 a bag...That would be a 1000% return!!! Or maybe I just use as intended and plaster the insider of my new garage?
  11. Another release of coins from the mint... https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/tower-of-london/2020/?__ja=tsid:38667|kw:E2145B&utm_medium=email&utm_source=product-launch&utm_campaign=2020-08-com-tol-menagerie&utm_content=main-cta
  12. I have 3 1oz gold bullion coins for sale. All 3 are fairly limited in production and offered at a sensible margin to spot, in between spot and what these coins can be bought for from dealers: 2018 - Two Dragons Coin (5000 mintage) £1600 2018 - Britannia Oriental Border (5000 mintage) £1600 2017 - Britannia 30th Anniversary (7030 mintage) £1650 Price includes RM Special Delivery. Payment by BACS or PPF&F
  13. For sale today, I have 3 2012 bullion sovereigns. 2 of them are still sealed, and joined together, in Royal Mint blister pack which I would prefer to sell together as a pair 1 X 2012 Bullion Sovereign £422.50 2 X 2012 Bullion sovereign in RM Blister Pack £865 (Will consider splitting if no interest in the pair) Price include RM Special Delivery to UK addresses only - Photos to be upload from phone shortly Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal F&F Mike
  14. Please can you add me to the list for 1 bar if available thank you
  15. I am selling some of my bullion coins. offered for sale: Lion of England X 1 £65 Red Dragon of Wales X 1 @ £65 Falcon of the Plantagenets X 1 @ £53 Unicorn of Scotland X 2 @ 53 Black Bull of Clarence X 2 @ £53 Yales of Beaufort X 2 @ £53 All prices are plus P&P of buyers choice - photos to be uploaded from iPhone shortly
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