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  1. Mike

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Gold PF69 Piedfort 50ps Military Set

    FINAL REDUCTIONS Here we have 3 PF69 Gold Piedfort 50ps from the 50 Years of the Military set. Sending from the UK and will cover UK Special Delivery in the prices. If purchasing from overseas, please contact me to agree shipping 2019 Heroic Scene PF69 £1500 £1425 2019 Victoria Cross PF69 £1500 £1425 2019 Battle of Hastings PF69 £1500 £1425 PM me if interested, AOOG. Thanks for looking Mike
  2. Mike

    for sale (By Platinum Member) James Bond no 1 2oz Gold PF70

    New Year Sale - 2oz James Bond no1. At the last CC auction this sold for £9250 and at the one before that £9000 - I have been offered the chance to add to my collection of classic cars so realising some funds. After discounting selling fees this would realise about £8000 based on latest achieved prices. Sensible offers considered - AOOG Complete with Box and COA no 006
  3. Thank you everyone for your comments - PayPal were advised of the fraud on Tuesday and yesterday they confirmed that these were fraudulent transactions and have refunded all monies to his bank account
  4. I agree - I am not 100% sure how it happened and I am still trying to find out more. There is a slight language complication and also not speaking directly to the victim...the parent is more err-hmm senior...and doesn't;t fully understand it themselves, however, I will post an update as I find out more
  5. Beware Paypal Fraudsters - Folks, a friend's son has been scammed over Christmas. Selling something on eBay, the purchaser suggested a payment using friends and family to save fees. He provided his email address and whilst waiting for payment, received an email "from PayPal" (purportedly), asking him to click here and confirm receipt of funds, which brought up the PayPal login screen, which he logged into. Needless to say no funds materialised, but the link captured his password and then fraudsters took control of his PayPal account, immediately changing his email and passw
  6. I still haven't received my original 5oz Silver Bond...Guess that means I will get someone else's reject
  7. I believe in the RM's inspectors opinion....
  8. Just had a call with RM to chase on some coins that I returned due to defects and haven't had back. I was told that from 1 Nov, if in the opinion of the Royal Mint, the coin would grade PF68 or above, it will not be accepted as a defective return. Anyone else come across this?
  9. Final Reduction - Price £1150 inc Special Delivery
  10. Hi Gypsy yes - sorry. Manic time at work readying for latest lockdown, not been active in here
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a White Horse Queens Beasts 1/4oz PF70 - if you have one that is surplus to requirements, please let me know and what price you are looking for Alternatively I can offer an exchange for a PF70 White Greyhound of Richmond 1/4oz PF70 Thanks all Mike
  12. Hi all, I am looking for a White Horse Queens Beasts 1/4oz PF70 - if you have one that is surplus to requirements, please let me know and what price you are looking for can also trade for a greyhound of Richmond PF70 Thanks all Mike
  13. Thanks all, I’ll leave cert no on in future. I remember seeing a sticker over a very no saying anti eBay scammer, so assumed someone had been caught out in some way mike
  14. Fellow coinsters - I’ve seen NGC holders coins for sale, and indeed I’ve mirrored it, with the cert no blanked out as a protection against fraud please can someone explain why this is considered best practice and how it prevents / reduces risk of fraud? Mike
  15. Maybe you are getting yours for free, you know, for being a good egg, advocate of the mint etc...
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