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  1. hey all, Does anyone have any spares of the following 2019 and 2020 Oriental brits 2020 dragon bars Looking for 5 of each in good condition or whatever is going spare upto that amount. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all I have the following up for sale, all bullion condition. Payment by BT please. Postage of your choice & risk. Only SD insures the items. 2 x 1/10 2015 gold brittania £157 each...SOLD 1 x 1/10 2018 gold brittania £157...SOLD 1 x 3g 2016 gold panda £157.. SOLD 1 x 3g 2018 gold panda £157...SOLD 100g tube of silver shot £50 + p&p of your choice and risk ....SOLD 2 oz QB white lion of Mortimer with capsule £40 + p&p of your choice and risk... SOLD Thanks for looking and apologies for all the pics 🙂
  3. OB's all sold.. Just the 100g tube and white lion of Mortimer left. Would consider swap for 1oz silver or any gold Thanks for looking.
  4. Mine arrived today, well chuffed.
  5. I also placed an order on 2nd June, and haven't received anything other than the confirmation email. I've just emailed them on the email they gave, let's see what happens..😅😅
  6. I have 12 2018 brit oriental border coins if your interested. They are already listed on here too if you want to see pics.👍
  7. Just an update: I would be open to trades for gold bars, if anyone interested 🙂
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