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  1. £52 each for carded 1g gold bars is a decent price me thinks. Good luck with the sale buddy.
  2. Finally got my once a year purchase from H&B. I quite like it. 👍
  3. Happy days, Just ordered the 2022 Sov over the phone, easy peezy lemon squeezy. The account manager was trying very very hard to hard sell the proof coins. He also confidently told me that a 2012 bullion sov hasnt held its price and was going for £304, so I asked him wheres that then as I would like to buy a few. He didnt find it funny. hey-ho, look forward to receiving it in Jan. Good luck everyone
  4. Received this today from @Jamesd and would just like to simply say "awesome", and will totally agree with @Mrpound comments above.
  5. Hi mate, Would like one of these if you have anymore available. Thankyou
  6. A few more bits came through the door, budget gone out the window this month. Many thanks to @arshimo2012 and @Bigchilli
  7. Got these today, many thanks to @arshimo2012
  8. I get 2 letters a week from H&B trying to flog some overpriced coins. The wife uses the back of the letters to write her shopping list on. We got a whole notepad going of nice quality paper. 😄 then afterwards off to the shredder.
  9. Another great buy thanks to @arshimo2012 .
  10. Many thanks to @arshimo2012 and @Jimmock for these little uns.
  11. The VAT on silver has pretty much killed my silver dream, I cant justify spending the high premiums on silver anymore, so I have moved to gold. I will be selling off my silver stack as time goes by to concentrate on gold.
  12. I got these little bewts today. Many thanks to @arshimo2012
  13. A few bits of silver and gold. Thanks to @StBeesSilver for the super silver pieces.
  14. Just a few tiddly bits. I must admit I do like the new 2021 brittania design.
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