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  1. Great price on the 1/10 brits, shame I wasn't quick enough.
  2. A few more bits came through the door, budget gone out the window this month. Many thanks to @arshimo2012 and @Bigchilli
  3. Gutted, how did i miss this 😢
  4. These are nice especially in the case. So tempted
  5. Got these today, many thanks to @arshimo2012
  6. Hey everyone Its that time of the month again for spending. If anyone wants to sell some there 1/10 coins or gold bars (1,2,2.5,5g) then please pm me with your asking price. Thanks in advance
  7. If your willing to split, I may be interested in a few pieces buddy.
  8. How many do you have mate? And any pics.
  9. Thanks to everyone that has replied and sent messages. I've got my fill for this month now. 🙂👍👍
  10. Hi all, I'm after some 1/10 gold coins in good condition, prefer brits but will consider anything gold. Can anyone help? Also if you'd prefer I can exchange for some 1 oz silver coins Thanks in advance
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