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  1. A few bits of silver and gold. Thanks to @StBeesSilver for the super silver pieces.
  2. Does anyone have the last in the series of the QB for sale. I'm after the 2 oz silver version in its capsule. Thanks in advance
  3. Just a few tiddly bits. I must admit I do like the new 2021 brittania design.
  4. H&B doing qtr proof sov of lone warrior for £99. Got the letter thru this morning but the website states its £199.
  5. hi all, im looking for 1 x 2020 gold half sov in its capsule in good condition. Anyone want to sell? Thanks for looking
  6. Oh sorry buddy, American silver eagles
  7. Just got the ASE's left, all 20 of them.
  8. just the eagles left, any takers?
  9. Open to sensible offers on the remaining bits. Also open to trading for gold bars in assay cards.
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