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  1. I'm looking to start investing but not sure what trading platform to use. I was going to use Freetrade or trading212. I thought these were free to trade platforms, but FT has a monthly subscription if you want access to a larger number of stocks, and I believe 212 also now charges. What platforms are people using? what are the benefits? Are FT and 212 still worth using? Any recommendations for alternatives? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply @Stacktastic I'll definitely research what you've suggested and maybe start taking a look at uranium, I've been reading @HerefordBullyun posts on uranium for a little while so know he's a fan. @HerefordBullyun 7k in a day - now that the level of investing id like to get to
  3. @stacktastic Is it still worth investing in gold miners? I've never invested in anything before but I'm thinking of sticking some money in to gold miners if it's still worth it. Whats everyones recommended miners? Will DMOR on any recommendations.
  4. With the RM release of the security bullion coins from 2021 onwards is anyone else planning to change what they stack? At the moment i currently stack sovs and i do so for a few reasons- 1. They're reasonably easy to pick up and sell on. 2. Low premiums 3. if i happen to buy a fake one then ive not lost a lot of money. Now it's because of these reasons ive not bought 1/4 or 1 ounce coins. But with the new security features on the coins im likely going to pick up 1/4 and 1 ounce coins on the secondary market when they come up and steer clear of sovs going forward. There are a lot of differences in sovs and the fakes are good making it hard for someone such as myself whos not a sov expert to tell the difference. I think with the security markings the market for 1/4 ounces coins will definitely get bigger. And im not concerned buying 1 ounce Brits in the future. Anyone else making a similar shift in what they stack?
  5. The issue is the unknown amount of energy that would be conducted (or is it inducted or induced???). It doesn't need to be a very huge amount of energy hitting the atmosphere and every electric device you have will be conducting energy across their circuit boards, memory chips, batteries in ways they're not supposed to and the device is f****ed. Think of all the devices you have at home, at work, at shops, at logistic/transport hubs that we all rely on becoming unusable at the same time. Got a freezer full of food?? Not for much longer. Imagine if that effected a whole country how disruptive that would be. Now imagine it hit a whole continent or was prolonged enough to hit all parts of the globe.
  6. I imagine they will do a second series. Could have different designs to keep the second series interesting.
  7. Is this the last in the series?
  8. Any reason you dont want to buy it and hold it? Seems crazy you have to pay to sell what you own.
  9. QStack


    Maybe worried about future confiscation?
  10. @vand Stupid question but what does this mean? What are the consequences of the break down?
  11. Thats a pretty nifty idea, where do you get your tubes and capsules from?
  12. Just seen them on the site. Anyone else think they look a bit naff? https://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/wallace-gromit/
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