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  1. Depends. If I have to choose between a gold or a silver maple leaf for lets say 1% under spot. I would choose silver. But between scrap gold or silver I would choose the gold.
  2. xct

    Starting buying.

    You can find the group order topic in the backyardbullion sub-forum.
  3. xct

    Starting buying.

    For just one or a couple of coins the shipping would add a huge chunk to the premium you pay. You could consider a group buy, there is a topic for that somewhere on this forum.
  4. xct


    Hi, nice meeting you all!
  5. That really sucks. You probably have to wait after the insurance claim with UPS before they refund or resend. Hope for you it will be solved rather sooner than later.
  6. For me about: 60% Gold 20% Platinum 20% Silver
  7. I was looking at this also. I bought here before a year ago maybe and premiums was about 10% above spot then. Premiums now are more then 20%. Won’t say its a good deal perse. But still probably the cheapest you can find at the moment from an online dealer.
  8. I had red copper spot on mine gold Perth Mint Lunar Series 2 coin. I also have them on some gold Maple Leafs. So it's not too unusual. I've successfully burned off the red spots on my Lunar Coin with a chef's torch. The Maples are just bullion so I didn't care too much about those.
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