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  1. 1). 497 2). No. Of times my wife bemoans me with, 'You looking at shiny stuff AGAIN?!'
  2. Thanks all. I did look at Chards the other day, having not viewed it before. Liked what I saw, so will follow and signed up to newsletter. Once again, thank you to all who responded, too many points to address and acknowledge individually, but warm thanks to all. Stay well.
  3. Thank you all, too many points to respond too individually and all valid. I agree, a good spread and items you take enjoyment from are key. It's unlikely I'll realise any of these investments, more likely I'll enjoy possessing them and pass them onto my children. However, would like the option of cashing in if needed, so clearly a consideration. Silver I can accumulate quickly but gold very slow. Therefore, really key where I put my money. Looking forward to my next purchase with interest.
  4. Thank you. Yes, conscious of overpaying on premiums, which is what prompted my thoughts. Always good to spread what you accumulate I think, so I shall broaden what I accumulate. As you say half sovereigns would be a good start and a good bet. Thank you all 👍
  5. Thanks to all who have commented so far. Really helpful insight and has helped shape my thoughts going forward. Initially, I thought you cant beat gold in its purest format. However, I contradict myself as I quite like junk silver and like other aspects, there is always a market for it. So, I'll do some research on sovereigns and possibly start saving with a purchase in mind. My budget is small, so wont be accumulating many any time soon, although, I agree, with silver certainly, the stack soon builds. As for premium membership, very tempted and value this as a resource so I should reall
  6. Hi, new to all things shiny. I have a little silver and a 1/10 oz gold britannia. Personally, I think gold will do better over time and would like to buy more...I'm interested in peoples preferences for either 24ct coins/bars or sovereigns? I'd like to hear pros and cons please. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks Seth, interesting to know. I'll be looking out for those deals 👍
  8. So, different Asian countries have their own interpretations it seems. Think this answers my original question perfectly, thanks all! Have a great weekend
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