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  1. Absolutely recommend Belangp too. Also a fan of Illuminati Silver. Particularly their Saturday weekly round up. Both channels are a good balance from the pumpers.
  2. I have never been asked for ID when purchasing at London Coin Fair. Never spent over £5,000 there either.
  3. Buy every month and hope it goes down next month so you can buy more. Do the same every month after that. Have cash and gold and silver too.
  4. ETC is an Exchange Traded Commodity. I use iShares Physical Gold ETC in my HL. 0.19% ongoing charge. As much as I love collecting physical metals, it has been a good and easy way to balance my metal holdings. The factsheet says: 'The ETC seeks to track the return of the gold spot price.' 'The metal backing the securities are always physically held.'
  5. 1/10oz Brits are a fraction smaller than a 5p piece if you would like something to compare them too. I have some 1/10ozers and like them, but as you say, I don't think they are as easy to appreciate at that size. Glad to have them though.
  6. A few recent threads have mentioned low stocks on various dealer sites or difficulty in obtaining particular types of bars and coins. It stood out to me today when browsing goldsilver.be just how low their stocks are in certain things. See pics. Is this cyclical? The Brexit effect & everyone trying to buy VAT free silver before 31st? Or is it typical of people piling into precious metals after a price rise? Thoughts and opinions please! 😀
  7. I last bought from them 2 weeks ago and didn't get confirmation through either. After contacting politely them they sent it immediately. The order went through quite quickly despite an automated message saying they are experiencing unusually high volumes of orders (Brexit?) and it could be up to 8 days before orders are handled.
  8. Great, thanks. What would you suggest as the best way to find a valuation of everything?
  9. mdp2505

    Stacking goals?

    Now that I have hit my initial goals (25oz, 100oz, 500oz silver + 2oz gold) I want to have 20% of my net worth in metals. My ISA silver and gold ETFs are there to trade the gold to silver ratio but most important to me is the goal: 3 Years Expenses in Physical Precious Metals. Why 3 years? Partly because I live a fairly frugal life and it is an achievable goal. Mostly because, if there is a major recession or depression, I do not want to have to touch any other investments while they are depressed and would sell metals instead if I had to. Having to sell stocks if there is a 50+% crash is not something I would enjoy doing. Ideally I will never have to sell a single oz of anything and will use it to rebalance my overall portfolio as and when the need arises. Metals are a great safety-blanket/hedge/investment (delete as you see fit) and I feel better having them and love the silver and gold chase. The most important goal I would recommend to anyone not in the stacking community is: START. Keep stacking and don't stop. Let the bug get you. Have real money, not currency. Keep going my stacking friends!
  10. A friend of mine recently inherited some numismatics and he asked my advice on value and how to sell them. For generic pre 1947 silver & gold I told him to sell on the Silver Forum. However, does anyone have advice or recommendations for selling more numismatic pieces like those pictured please? He could just go back to Coin Craft (where they were presumably purchased from however long ago) or stick them on eBay of course, but I suggested he wait to see what the wisdom of the Silver Forum offered. Thank you all
  11. Quite so. It isn't predicting mass migration. It is predicting mass extinction.
  12. Perhaps I am misinterpreting the 'data' presented in this forecast table, but according to this the US GDP will collapse by nearly 90%(!) in the next 6 years from $20tn to $2.4tn. Its population also will decline by 225 million people. It looks like most of the Western World is similarly in for a pretty rough ride too. Somehow, during this cataclysmic collapse, China, India and especially Russia are going to grow massively. Despite most of the Western World's population and GDP being destroyed. Either I am misunderstanding the table - which I hope is the case - or it is the most ridiculous example of fear mongering available.
  13. As to the $200 Billion question... some good insights here:
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