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  1. Very in the UK. One sold on ebay recently
  2. Coolsmp

    Gold 1/2 sov

    You may aswell get a Harrington & Byrne at £199 least there going to be new and come in fancy capsule, flip and coa.
  3. Coolsmp

    Gold 1/2 sov

    Im sure she'd prefer a pandora necklace
  4. Think Hatton Garden Heist
  5. Simple answer, YES! Who wants milky and toned coins. Although some people will like abit of toning depedlnding on bar or coin, usually older ones though. There are ways to reduce the problem and theres loads of previous posts about it on the forum. Just do a search.
  6. Would be good if they had any on stock😔
  7. They advertise at that price but it doesn't let you complete the payment at check out. I gave it a try to test if its legit but comes back as server error on payment. So you cant actually buy for that price.
  8. The online payment system does not work. I suspect they want you to call them up. Then the upsell will come.
  9. Its good that this company replied to the post. Lets hope @benjhog feels a little happier about his purchase now.
  10. Please summarise. I can't be bothered to read them
  11. You should check out the 'bullion book' a great little resource for modern bullion coins if you're looking to expand your website
  12. I don't think they are a bullion business. There a numismatic business with bullion coins. A bit like Harrington and Byrne, they sell their bullion coins cheap to lure people in to buy the overpriced proofs and historic coins but yes some of their pricing seems odd.
  13. Difficult to tell from the pics. If it is fake then its a good one. Did you buy it from a dealer?
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