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  1. Coolsmp

    The coming Gold crash

    Gold continues its stride to the moon!
  2. For sale 20 x 2019 Silver Oriental Britannias, comes in royal mint capsules. All fantastic condition. £21.85 each or £420 for the lot and I will throw in a bag of 17 various 1oz and 2 x 2oz QB capsules and some plastic flips, plus an empty Royal Mint Britannia Tube and an empty Perth Mint tube. Payment via Bank Transfer or PayPal Friends & Family. Postage at your risk and type to be added to purchase price. UK buyers only please! Thanks for taking time to look
  3. I suspect theyll still let you buy their over priced proofs
  4. If you dont like your Sovereigns put them up for sale on the forum. They wont take long to sell
  5. 1) 634 2) i dont want to give an answer just give me the prize.
  6. Coolsmp

    Cult coins pictorial

    Classic yes! But a bit boring
  7. You have a well trained eye. Not sure I would spot this as a fake if it was stand alone.
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