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    Investing in gold for weight and small amount of collectable silver for fun.

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  1. Coolsmp

    First world problems

    Please have these virtual sovereigns. NFTs seem to be making money 😆
  2. I have to agree, the milk spotting, high premium and of course the tax forced me out of silver.
  3. Don't buy bars if you're an invester for weight and wanting to sell later on. Although there are some nice ones out there i would just stick with UK denominated Sovs or Brits.
  4. Im out of the silver stacking business and only stacking gold. Its the future...!! Not sure platinum has a real role for stacking either.
  5. Silver Bullion Book £11.59 includes postage Excellent condition payment via bank transfer or paypal F&F
  6. Is this ready for the next BYB video coming to a YouTube near you!!! 😉
  7. Received today from Harrington and Byrne, only ordered on Sunday night from their flash sale so very quick delivery.
  8. I went to Turkey in 2008 and the locals preferred to take Pounds than their own currency. I asked them why and someone said its worth more. They save them up and then take them to an exchange at the end of the season and convert back to Lira.
  9. Harrington & Byrne Sovs are back on discount: https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2021-united-kingdom-gold-sovereign-5469.html
  10. These are not the bullion version that youve linked.
  11. The beast has landed.. only one more to get!!!!!
  12. I was once directed to gold.co.uk by bullion by post when a coin was out of stock but in stock with gold.co.uk
  13. Now out of stock at the Royal Mint
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