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  1. UK gold bullion coins. The best and only way IMHO
  2. Not bought from them for quite some time now as other dealers are much more competitive. They always seem to have good trust pilot reviews but maybe theyve reached a large customer base that they can now inflate their prices and think customers will stay loyal to them but considering the demand for gold now then maybe they think that they can also cash-in.
  3. Interesting article saw the Royal Mints gold sales soar towards the xmas period https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-9163369/amp/Gold-sales-surge-Royal-Mint-festive-period.html
  4. You might need to tag them if you want a response
  5. Good strategy to exchange silver to gold. Ive done this!
  6. @BritanniaCoinCompany is awesome. Its quickly become my go to dealer! Made several orders with them without any problems whatsoever. Delivery service is second to none👍👍👍👍
  7. Fantastic service from @BritanniaCoinCompany nice little pick up of an 1982 half sovereign and a 1987 1/10oz Brit.
  8. This is special. Stunning coin as well as a nice chunk of gold
  9. GGP and ALBA are risky companies as they are not very profitable and although their share has increased there is risk they they burn through their cash reserves as ultimatly each share price is only worth pennies. Centamin may well prove a better investment
  10. When you start comparing gold to bitcoin as a store of value suddenly you can see the potential for even higher gold prices. Fiat currency flocked to gold at the start of the pandemic which caused a price rise and now its flocking to bitcoin with its crazy price at the moment.
  11. Gold seems to the best/only way forward for precious metals buyers due Brexit debacle. Ive sold out of my silver stack and only buying gold from now on and will continue to do so irrespective of price. The only exception im making is to finish my 10oz Queens Beast collection (2 left) to fill the stunning box which Alun made.
  12. Stocks and shares isn't gambling. Its investing into companies to be a part owner. If the company is run well your investment grows and you may also receive dividends but just like gold things go up and things go down but it isnt gambling its probably that you don't really understand it. (Im not trying to be critical of you though)
  13. You do actually have to enrol as a student and pay a large part of the loan to the University so you dont see this money, the Uni does.
  14. And this why I sold out of my majority silver stack to concentrate on gold. Gold simply endures!
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