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  1. I have three of my 10 oz silver bars for sale, all bars are £225 each plus postage of your choice at cost to you. They are: A - Mark, AU Trading and National Refiners Assayers. The AU Trading bar does have a very tiny ding on the bottom corner, but is hardly noticeable (see image) Thanks.
  2. If anyone has a 10 oz Engelhard silver bar they are looking to sell can you let me know please? Thanks.
  3. NOW SOLD I'm selling two of my recently acquired 10 oz silver bars due to me wanting older type 10 oz bars such as Engelhard etc. The bars are shown below and the price is £205 each and the postage at cost to you would be £3.44 Both bars are advertised elsewhere so may possibly sell over the weekend. Thanks.
  4. I won this bar on the forum auction recently, but now I'm concentrating on 10 oz silver bars and have put this one up for auction. Bids start at £1.00 and then by 25p increments, postage of your choice at cost to you. Auction ends on Saturday at 8.00 p.m Thanks.
  5. Still looking for one or two more bars.
  6. Pictures listed if you are interested Chris.
  7. I've got one for 10 full sovereigns Chris, It has plastic capsules and I bought it from ebay for around £10.00, you can have it but just need £3.50 to cover p&p. It's only a basic one but may help to get you started. Let me know if you would like to see some pictures.
  8. I'm looking to add a couple of silver 10 oz bars to my collection and also one or two bars for friends who are new to collecting silver bars, I've listed the bars below if anyone has anything for sale. Thanks. Engelhard Liberty Mint Royal Canadian Mint Elemetal Apmex Heraeus Republic Metals Corp Westminster Mint
  9. I would be interested in buying one or two 10 oz silver bars for up to £185.00 I'm not too bothered which mint they are from as long as they are in good condition. Please let me know what you might have for sale. Thanks.
  10. Looking for just one or two of the following 10 oz silver bars to add to my collection if anyone can help. Johnson Matthey A - Mark Engelhard OPM Thanks.
  11. I'm looking for a 10 gram gold bar if anyone has one for sale please. Thanks, Chris.
  12. I'm looking to purchase either an Engelhard or Johnson Matthey 10 oz silver bar if anyone has one for sale, and looking to pay around £180.00. Thanks.
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