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  1. it's difficulte to take good picture. litle bit more white on the picture, but we can see the place and the size of oxidation. Is not finger print !
  2. Hi, I buy a proof rooster perth minth coin, from goldsilver.be. The coin have oxidation( not milk spot) on roster face, nothing on queen face. I try to call GS.be, but he never answer. i'm really disappointed . I pay with PayPal, i want to use warranty of PayPal ! What did you do in the same situation ?
  3. I don't live in UK, in my country is around 7% (plus VAT when it's applicable ) if the price are more thane 150€. I find a proxy service in US, but he open all the packet. I'm afraid he's damage or stealing the coin.
  4. OK for VAT, but about customs taxes Anyone have ideas or experience to be delivered from the US with JM Bullion ?
  5. Hi, I want to buy gold coin on JMBullion, but it does not deliver in EU. I know there are USA to EU proxy services. Is a member who lives in the EU already ordered on JMbullion? Must have paid VAT or taxes on gold coming from the USA? BR Turkish
  6. I talk about the Perth mint rooster. The Rwanda Rooster have the most sex-appeal rooster coin i have seen. I'm virgin to staking silver, the forum help me to chose coin.. I have 20 more Oriental border coin
  7. Lovely Rwanda proof, but expensive and without box. the rooster proof start to tannish. 😞
  8. Thanks for your feedback
  9. Did you try bitgild with BTC ? The transaction was easy in BTC ?
  10. Thanks, I thinks i don't try this one, very low choice in gold coin and the price for silver is 20% more.
  11. Hello, I have about 4.5K € in BTC, I would like to exchange for gold coins in 1oz. Are there any members who bought gold with BTC? I know 2 shop in EU that accepts BTC. Bitgild and Europeanmint. Is there another shop that accepts BTC? Are some of you bought from Bitgild or Europeanmint with BTC? BR
  12. Thanks. BYB, I have see some of your video on youtube
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