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  1. Well, I did read it from another forum member last week, he said he tested the app with the setting on a gold krugerrand and tested it with a silver eagle and it passed. Just tested it myself with the setting also on a gold kruggerrand and tested with a silver 10 Guilder I had laying aroud...and it passed..so not really reliable unfortunately.
  2. I did buy a fair amount not long ago. It can go either way, maybe there will be high inflation, so in that case have some wealth preservation in gold. And maybe if the price will drop in a few months, I will buy more. My goal is not to flip or make money out of my purchases, just for my old days. And for now I will stop buying till the price comes down a bit.
  3. Nice, was waiting for it, felt like forever.
  4. Don't know if it's really a 'deal' but thought i'd share it with you. Since they are only availible in May, the Proof 2019 Dutch Golden Ducats, single and double. https://www.royaldutchmint.com/golden-ducats/en/page/2784/
  5. Not intended to collect, but slowly becoming a nice collection; Guitars, bass guitars and other musical/audio stuff 😅 It is all about the the fun of collecting something, and probably the hunt for that special part or edition. Just more of a hobby. Happens to be that our hobby has a nice value to it. And the Mrs is working on expanding her collection @itslikegolddust? haha 😛 Women do like to collect!
  6. Got mine this week also, it was much better in hand compared to pics and photo's online. Happy with it.
  7. Thanks for notifying, ordered 1, just for the sake of completing the serie.
  8. First of all, I hope you can have a beer in a bit and start enjoying your weekend soon cravethatcoin ...But you sound a bit like an apple fan-boy on a android forum, or visa versa, before anyone is offended. That happens quite a lot nowadays I believe.. Sure you can have your opinion and second thoughts and sure you can share them here on the forum, but talking about BYB's 'drones' going against you, what did you expect? A lot of people on the forum like using his services and grouporders and a lot of people enjoying his video's. And about the making money part, he is a business owner
  9. a LOT of premium 😵 but yes, it is really nice
  10. They already look pretty tarnished, or is it the reflection or lighting..?
  11. And what about this? Looks amazing. Anybody any experience? The disclaimer talks about not doing it to silver that has any value above spot.
  12. Just stumbled across this: http://www.perthmintbullion.com/blog/blog/19-02-01/Dragon_returns_in_new_form_on_bar-shaped_bullion_coins.aspx
  13. Good question, really no clue. Dont think I ever seen a bar with milk spotting, and just like RoughDog is saying, you can polish it so thats probably why. Or maybe only coins are affected, as far as I know the whole milk spotting phenomenon is still a bit of a mystery.
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