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  1. Many are waiting for The Greyhound of Richmond to complete the collection; should be around October if previous releases are anything to go by.
  2. Or does the bullion hold more silver purity then the proof? No, purity is generally the same for proof or bullion.
  3. Received the 2013 Gold Brit today; lovely big coin. Certainly not ugly. Excellent service; thank you.
  4. LawrenceChard thank you for letting me know. It was such a great bit of advertising I have just subscribed to your site and bought a 2013 gold Brit.
  5. The European Mint were very helpful to me, I just took the extra cost for a second delivery. Annoying to me but I can't fault the European mint. They don't really know on what is best for different areas of England. If in your area you are happy with a particular courier (Royal Mail for me) then it's worth asking the EM if they can use them. (I'm just taking about getting delivery; tax stuff is another matter)
  6. I bought some toucans from the EM back in September. I put them on hold as I may have wanted more from the EM but in the end I decided to take delivery end of November for just the toucans. Yes, by default, they use Capital Logistics. (I've had no problems before buying from EM and using CL). However, this occasion was different. Delivery was attempted by UPS to my local pub (one of my delivery addresses). The door was not open and there was a sign "Closed due to Covid". The delivery person failed to ring the bell (the pub was closed because of restrictions, not because of an outbreak) and just left a card. The card said it was the first of three attempted deliveries. The UPS tracking at that point said "An emergency situation or severe weather condition has delayed delivery. The package will be returned to sender". So, back to Estonia it went. The delivery card was a lie. I know there is a pandemic but UPS lying on their delivery card really made things worse. Not to mention the idiot delivery driver that failed to ring the pub bell. And I know someone was in. The EM were very helpful though. I had to pay for another delivery but they allowed me to specify Royal Mail for the England leg. Great coins when I got them (and yes, at the time, I did think, why did I just not go through the BYB group order). The moral of the story is that if you live in Rochester then ask EM to use Royal Mail instead of UPS. They will do that for you. Other areas of the UK may have better UPS experiences. The European mint will help you with your courier of choice. Just email them.
  7. The cheapest site I can find for what you are looking for is https://www.sharpspixley.com/buy-bullion/buy-gold/2021-1oz-britannia-gold-coin Currently £1360 Of course, this may change by the time you read this post.
  8. I recently bought a Philharmonic. I love it because it is bigger than all my other gold coins. It has a diameter of 37mm. A brit is 32.69mm and a maple comes in smaller at 32mm. Same amount of gold, thickness is different. I love the diameter of the Philharmonic. I don't think you can get a bigger diameter. Please someone correct me if I am wrong. I guess you have to decide what matters more, diameter or depth/thickness (and yes, I could have put that in another way).
  9. I agree with you Hedders. French precious metals maybe like their armpits; hairy. Joking aside, their website was registered on 31-Jan-2020. So, just over a year. Not long but maybe ok, companies have to start somewhere. But, while many coins and bars listed, see https://thecoiny.com/pages/refund-policy Lots of rubbish here but the bit that caught my attention was the following: "Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases." Why would a PM site mention food, flowers.. Almost a generic template. It just looks suspicious. Good luck with other purchases.
  10. Thanks BYB, great video as always. FYI, SilverTrader is active. Yesterday I bought another 16oz from him. As you do, he provides an excellent service.
  11. You mention Atkinsons. They are my go to for gold. Many coins and never a problem. SilverTrader is my go to for silver (mostly the nice things you can't find elsewhere). Always excellent and personalised service. Once you find a reliable dealer with reliable delivery, paying a little bit more negates lots of anxiety. Please don't think that Atkinsons and SilverTrader are the only dealers I buy from; there are many more I have dealt with that are great. They are just my go to ones.
  12. I would be interested to know if you buy from goldsilver.be and actually take delivery of what you buy. I would also be interested to know if their customer service has improved. Good prices, but so many bad things on the forum about this company; maybe their bad eggs have gone.
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