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  1. The complete set sold a few months back for £386
  2. JasonDavies


    I've bought several coins from silver-to-go over the last 3 or so years. Always good coins at good prices and never any problems. Quick delivery as well (not bought anything from them since the virus so can't comment on anything recent).
  3. That was quick. Good price, quick sale.
  4. I just bought some Donald Duck 85 Years from SilverTrader https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/2019-donald-duck-disney-1oz-85th-anniversary-silver-bullion-coin/ Still 18 in stock.
  5. This is a lovely and certainly rare piece of paper. I don't think I have seen one like this before. It is unique. While there may have been many similar produced, this looks special. Have you considered getting it graded? I have to ask the obvious question, is the picture of the Obverse or the reverse? It’s hard to tell. Could you provide a photo of the other side? I do think $500 is a good starting point for negotiation. However, does this include shipping? And would you ship to the UK?
  6. I feel for you and hope you get your problem resolved. I've had bad service from them but fortunately not out of pocket as I cancelled everything (many months ago). See https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/goldsilver.be Out of 33 reviews, 45% are excellent and 48% are bad. I can't help thinking the bad ones are all genuine and the excellent ones are people who work for them (or maybe their relatives). Good luck.
  7. Only the first 7 have been issued so far; the 10oz versions are about a year behind the 2oz versions.
  8. How much do your parents charge for shipping to the UK?
  9. I just got an email from the European mint that states the following: Free movement of people and goods will then still be possible up to and including 31 December 2020. Get your VAT-Free silver from the European Mint while you can!
  10. I can't stress how flexible coingallery are with the trays. I've emailed them in advance and told them what combination of trays I want. They reply by asking me to place the order and follow it up with an email. I do and they supply exactly what's required. The trays for the 10oz coins are red and the smaller coins are blue. That's not an issue if you look at the longer term picture; which is to fill a whole case with 10oz eventually.
  11. I have 4 cases from CoinGallery which I am very pleased with. As an example, see https://www.coingallery.co.uk/lighthouse-l6-cargo-coin-case-with-trays-3330-p.asp In the past I have contacted them and they have supplied any combination of trays I have requested.
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