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  1. I agree @Martlet no one will collect these 2012 or 2017, but as I said from a pure bullion point of view the 2005 bullion sovereign now caries a quite hefty premium for what is after all a standard bullion coin .
  2. Its funny, one keeps pulling ahead then the other one quickly catches it up Come on guys get your votes in.
  3. Its sometimes nice to stack non-standard bullion coins that carry a slight premium for a change However its also important to know if that slight premium is a short lived novelty or if those coins will retain their small premium over standard bullion coins of the same type over time. Take the 2005 Sovereign as an example. A real winner on all counts, anyone who loaded up on those in 2005 will be laughing their socks of now. So with this in mind, which of these less prestigious "Non Standard" Bullon Sovereign is the best investment. 2012 Sovereign - With stylised interpretation of St George and the Dragon designed by Paul Day 2017 Sovereign - With privy mark to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Modern Sovereign.
  4. You have to sign an NDA so cant say anymore sorry, but I took the took Gold VIP tour last week it was absolutely fantastic day and for me worth every penny.
  5. Don't forget, the EU has NEVER had its accounts audited and its budgets signed off for the last 16 years. In the private sector you would never in a million years agree to pay over £39 Billion to a company that had no audited accounts! Who's to say they have not been fudging the account's for years, and the truth is they actually owe us 50 Billion?
  6. That’s my long game as well, just keep piling up the gold until 2030, then start liquidating it as and when I need it.
  7. The fat cats in Brussels are kept in power by big business who pull all the strings behind the scenes and big business need a constant supply of cheap labour. So flood the market with cheap labour, and sod the nation states.
  8. Just look at that Gold Price go 😜 Bet your feeling a little bit chuffed mr-dead
  9. The Microphone actually picked up Varadkar saying "They'll give you terrible trouble in the British press for that." “But I agree with you” Just proves what a bunch of jumped up Maffia bullies the EU are. And we all know what happens to bullies in the end. Simple fact is, the unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels thought they could simply bully the British establishment into forcing the voters into changing their minds to get the result the fat cats in Brussels actually wanted. They are now absolutely livid that it’s not worked. How is that possible they are saying, it’s always worked for them in the past when anyone else has tried to stand up to them? But this time they tried to bullied the wrong nation. They can’t beleve what’s happening here, they are absolutely furious that it’s not worked this time because they came up against that annoying little thing called DEMOCRACY. It must be a completely alien concept for to them, Someone votes to do something, then they actually follow it through and do it. How dare they not be bullied to go back again and again until you get the answre you want. Anyone who wants to still stay in a club where a jumped up unelected bureaucrat makes a deflationary statements to the worlds press against a sovereign nations elected representatives, should as Oldun says, “depart to a country where democracy is severely curtailed”. There’s lots to chose from around the world but thank god this is not one of them - Yet!
  10. Just proves doesn't it, Project Fear Mk 2 is bull%$it just like Project Fear Mk1 before the referendum.
  11. USA Group Orders, bring it on In fact maybe someone would like to do a comparison on a Royal Mint Tube of x25 - 1oz Silver Britannia's on a group order at todays rate from the EU, compared with the same coins paying the @Pete 20% or the @sixgun 5% VAT landed in the UK as a Group Order comparison from the US?
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