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  1. This beauty was delivered to me by Porsche on Friday , she is a monster , absolutely in love with her, I can’t describe the driving experience with this car, it’s just absolutely mind blowing, the best 60k I spent in my life . But it seems like a dream, I still can’t believe I own this car, I keep thinking It’s a sweet dream and I’m going to wake up soon. Owning a 911 has been my childhood dream, literally every time I saw one on the streets My jaws dropped but I never Though I would be able to buy one at the of 31 . You see that beautiful specialized white bike? I bought that
  2. Hello and welcome to the silver forum No one knows what will happen to the price of gold in the future, you might wait for the price to go down and it might never go down again and in a few months time you might regret not buying gold in September 2020 at £1516 and end up buying gold in November at £1650 or the exact opposite might happen, who knows, there is someone on this forum who has been predicting the price of gold to go down to £400 an ounce 😂 he's been saying that for a long time though Anyways my advice would be that, if you want to buy gold just go for it and pull the tr
  3. just to give you an idea, I bought a Proof 1989 Double sovereign NGC graded PF69 for £950 posted to me from Belgium . I bought it here on the forum just a few months ago, I think I bought it in May 2020 .
  4. I need to sell one of my 1oz Gold coins but to make things interesting for you , I have uploaded pictures of four coins out of which you can choose one of them to buy but remember I only sell one of them , the choice is yours . The four coins are: 1- 2015 1oz Austrian philharmonic Bullion Gold coin 2- 2016 1oz American Buffalo Bullion Gold Coin 3- 2015 1oz Austrian Philharmonic Bullion Gold Coin 4- 2019 1oz American Buffalo Bullion Gold coin All coins purchased from Sharps Pixley in London and proof of purchase available to potential buyers upon
  5. These two bad boys arrived today all the way from Tokyo , thank you very much @Marc
  6. Baird are a good reliable company and their prices are really good too . Remember smaller pieces of gold have higher premiums , so for example you would pay less premium for a 1oz gold coin than you would pay for a 1/10 or 1/4 oz coin . in terms of timing of the market I would not worry about that too much , no one can predict future prices, so I would buy when I want to buy and sell when I feel like selling , that is only my opinion though .
  7. my advice would be that go for it and don't think about it twice , you can't time the market and if you wanna buy gold just pull the trigger and chances are that spot price will keep increasing . I bought lots of gold during the lockdown when spot was at record high of over £1400 and premiums were super high as well , yesterday I sold some of them because I am buying a new car and guess what ? I still made a lot of profit on them despite I sold them to a dealer for %99 of spot price and I sold some of them here on the forum for %1-2 over spot price . Happy stacking .
  8. Price is : spot plus £40 including Royal Mail special Delivery . Uk buyers only and payment by bank transfer only , I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL . i can upload and PM more pictures later this evening when I get home from work, this picture was taken when I bought the coin . coin supplied in plastic flip . Cheers Nick
  9. Hello and welcome to the silver forum
  10. Hello and welcome to the silver forum .
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