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  1. hi all im thinking of selling my 2020 year of mouse 5oz coin looking for £130 delivered. anyone interested let me know and ill post some pics as its in storage and not with me at the moment small silver stacker
  2. Hi all ive just upgraded to the Apple Watch 5 so ive got the Apple Watch 4 with cellular it had a ee contact on it so think its lock to ee music magpie have made me a offer over £250 for it id be happy to traded if for silver ,gold or cash ill be sending it off on Monday to music magpie if no one wants it image below is the same I will upload photo if anyone is interested thanks small silver stacker
  3. Looking for 1 gram gold bar preferably in a credit card size holder looking to pay between £50-£60 depending on brand
  4. Hi everyone As some of you know some of you know I have a silver YouTube channel that I show off new purchases.( click banner below to subscribe ) im looking to get my very own 1oz silver channel bar made I am only looking at a mintage of 10 for 2020 im looking for a price you can either write on here on pm me im happy to let who ever makes these for me to keep no.3 bar I plan on giving most of the bars away I will be keeping no.01 for me but will raffle no.02 on here for charity. thanks in advance small silver stacker
  5. Hi all 2019 1/4 Noah ark coins full tube few milky spots 20 coins in total £135 include post payment by PayPal preferably
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