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  1. If I was being given the run around with a 12k purchase id be bouncing off the walls and be complaining too if id never used the European Mint. Glad you apologised to BYB though, as you can see he spoke to them directly for you too which says a lot about who BYB is. Fingers and toes crossed for you that things get resolved really soon for you.
  2. I am facing a similar issue with UPS (different dealer), it seems like UPS are having real problems with sub contracted delivery drivers. I have faced issues with deliveries from the European Mint and they were super helpful with me and I can genuinely say all customer service issues have always been dealt with fantastically. I can hand in heart say they are one of, if not the best dealers I have purchased from and I would never have reservations about recommending them to everyone I know, family included. I would keep contacting capital logistics and you will have a paper trail if you need to make a claim but ultimately the courier is the issue (just like my current issue, UPS are awful). As for the whole BYB and recommending, people can recommend but ultimately you are the one who makes the order and with anything in life, there is risk, BYB has simply given you his personal experiences with the company and from those experiences has said he holds them in high regard when it comes to buying from them but you do so at your own risk. Again my personal experiences with the European Mint is they have been absolutely fantastic with any issue ive had and I would high recommend them. I totally understand how you must feel but keep calm, keep trying to get through to the courier side of things and see what happens, I am sure the European Mint will resolve this if they are responsible but if it is a courier just remember the European Mint cant fix every issue especially when its not their fault. I wish you the best of luck and I really hope it gets resolved.
  3. Well this seems wrong on so many levels, does this also mean they have to pay VAT now on gold coins because they slabbed them, essentially removing the pure gold sale into a product. Very interested to see what implications this will have, I cant see why they would want to do this, other than more profit and to devalue grading.
  4. Reduced price removing listing at end of the day.
  5. They claim its delivered so the police would only get involved if there was fraud of a signature (which they also stated, it cant say covid-19 on the signature) so as UPS claim it was delivered I would need to make a civil dispute / small claims case if I wanted to pursue UPS is what they said but ultimately told me to just take it up with UPS they were sure it would get resolved in the end, From all the exchanges with goldsilver.be I honestly doubt even a letter from a solicitor would make any difference to them, they will just say we have proof it was delivered and move on. The issue is 100% UPS, goldsilver.be are just being arseholes about helping me with it, which I guess is totally fine, disgusting but their choice.
  6. Ive been looking into it and it seems like I have very little options open to me on this one. My bank put me through to a specialist on these things and they explained that being a international purchase done via direct bank transfer makes it extremely difficult to take court action against them unless I plan on spending a huge amount of money. The other issues are the seller has proof of dispatch so in legal terms did what they promised in our contract, I paid they dispatched via courier. Then the last issue is UPS are at fault and while the seller should raise a dispute they dont legally need to. Then on fraud, the police said the tracking says received by Robert and there is no signature so does not count as fraud, if there was a signature they might of been able to raise it but they suggested I contact UPS tell them to investigate. So basically its an expensive lesson.
  7. GOLDSILVER.BE PRECIOUS METALS <[email protected]> Tue 04/08/2020 11:10 STOP IT now ! How many times do we have to say UPS is doing its job ? To be very clear : we really doubt you did not receive the parcel. We are even convinced you have it but try to cheat us because you noticed some wrong information shown on the UPS site. You're not the first to try this. Liam Rob Walker Tue 04/08/2020 12:12 You're the most unhelpful company I've ever dealt with and it's disgusting. You are disgusting, you repeating it's been delivered when it I've told you already it has not, is useless. I am raising a claim with my bank now, I will continue to press UPS on this and I will continue to email you until you either provide the item I paid for or refund me. You are a scummy company and what makes it worse is that it really doesn't effect you at all to raise a claim and have UPS explain what has happened. Both you and UPS confirmed it was delayed and that's why it was not delivered on Friday so how on earth l can you then claim it was delivered Friday. All I can say is you are scum! Take a second, think about this from my point of view, just for one minute stop and think about if you were in my shoes. You pay £1600+ for a coin, the company sends it but the courier has issues with the delivery, you're of course nervous about this because you're paid £1600 for this from a company you've never used before. You contact both the courier and the company you bought the time from and BOTH confirm the package is delayed but due for delivery that day or the next. Then not an hour later the tracking updates and says it was delivered 3 days prior, then the company just washes their hands of the problem calling you a lair and refusing to raise a claim with the courier. What would you think, would you just accept a loss of £1600, no way in hell would you. What makes this worse is you refusing to raise an official claim for this, there is no logical reason for you to refuse this unless of course you have something to hide or have done something wrong yourself. If I am a seller and my customer says I've not received an item I immediately contact the courier and demand to know where my customers item is and if they can't help I raise a claim and get my money back, I then contact my customer and say I'm extremely sorry for the issues, would you like me to refund you or send a replacement, getting the money back from the courier. What I do NOT do is call my customer a liar and be as unhelpful as I can, even accuse them of trying to scam me because that's just disgusting. Just to clarify once again, the package was not delivered, there is no signature (was not signed for, no proof of delivery, no driver has come back despite me requesting it and both you and UPS confirmed it was delayed) Not really sure what else a intelligent human being needs to understand there is something wrong with UPS here. Get Outlook for Android They are claiming UPS has done their investigation but I have called UPS again today and they have confirmed no claim or investigation as been raised by goldsilver.be, they have now raised this issue to their resolution team with a manager and will attempt to reach out to goldsilver.be and ask if they have permission to raise a claim. They are the scum, the bank have raised a seller buyer dispute for me but say because it seems to be a courier issue and a direct bank transfer it will ultimately get rejected but the woman said raise it anyway and see if it adds pressure on the company to do something. Looks like I have to swallow a loss on this one but hopefully the thread will provide caution to those who are planning to buy from them, use a credit card and protect yourself or my advise skip these altogether.
  8. Called UPS again today, goldsilver.be have yet to file a claim on their system and without the sender filing the claim there is nothing they can do as I don't hold all the sender related details to log it myself. Spoke to the police and they said its not really anything to do with them as it's a civil dispute, best to contact my bank. Bank contacted and as it's a direct bank transfer they said it will be difficult if not impossible to refund the money, they said wait till the UPS attempts of a claim has run its course then contact them back of it's not resolved to see what they can do if anything. At the mercy of goldsilver.be
  9. Thanks for the heads up Gibson, if you're looking for a 2020 1/10th I'd definitely buy it from there given the price.
  10. I think that is a well considered reply and it shows that some real work was done investigating this issue or at the very least they made up a very good story which itself would be commendable lol. Still a really poor all round situation, it could of been a very bad day if you hadnt called and complained as you did so quickly, from following your story my personal feeling opinion is someone tried their luck and your complaining stopped it actually going walk abouts. After my own issues with deliveries and metals it just highlights how poor some companies are, ive had my own nightmares with Royal Mail too just delivering to random people on my street, not even next door.
  11. Thank you, I hope so too, sort of kicking myself that I didnt pay the extra 4% to use a credit card and would of had more robust ways to get it resolved. If people must order from them, a coin you cant get anywhere else I would use a credit card to protect yourself but it adds a cost sadly. Just not acceptable for the amount of money you spend with them, while I know we are a drop in the ocean to their business but the drops will soon start to add up. I hope they resolved the issue for you. Thanks and its such a shame to because if the coin was delivered when it was meant to be, that would of been next day delivery (which I was really shocked about but thinking about it now maybe this was part of the issue with tracking hmmm) they have good stock of items you cant find other places too at a decent price. I still think it is a UPS issue more than goldsilver.be but then they have really shot themselves in the foot with how they have dealt with it all, if they were polite and helpful in the replies I would of been happy to place orders again chalking it up to courier issues. I spoke to UPS yesterday and they said goldsilver.be havnt even logged a claim yet but interestingly they also stated that UPS have been sub contracting out deliveries in areas and they think that may of been the case with mine, which they think has caused issue with the tracking system.
  12. You should see the entire exchange, if they bother to reply its as if you are something they wiped off the bottom of their shoe. So insignificant to them.
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