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  1. No answer from them still, UPS wont speak about it, pay the claim or confirm if the claim has been paid and my bank has officially rejected my claim as a seller buyer dispute. Currently waiting for the bank to provide their final response in writing to open an Ombudsman complaint and see how I get on with that. Perth Mint seem to be ignoring it now too, Ive sent a number of emails asking for an update with the Perth Mint complaint I made but no reply for over a month.
  2. Email them, explain the problem and give them a chance to solve the issue. I highly recommend the European Mint to people from my own experiences with them, ive had issues and they have been great. Give them a message, send the pictures and go from there is the best bet but I feel for you, sucks when you get milked coins.
  3. I would suspect they havnt claimed the money, instead just ignoring the whole thing as they ignore me, however this means they have my money and could potentially claim from UPS too if they havnt already. UPS have even sent messages to the Perth Mint for me too explaining why they cant talk to me and stating a claim was issued to goldsilver.be on the 27th of August. The Perth Mint are investigating, ive had messages from the whole sale manager and minted products manager who have reached out for more information a couple of times.
  4. Great video and an interesting observation with the vacseal, I normally seal all my own stuff in capsules or OMP but I did have some loose silver coins vacsealed right out of a full sealed tube, so I went and opened a couple of them today. No noticeable marks or indentations thankfully, they had been sealed for around 17 months, so while there was no issue you can buy double smooth for peace of mind. Awesome videos though keep up the good work!!!!
  5. As the title says looking for a full mint sealed silver tube £500 delivered, also willing to part trade for some gold 1/10th The Royal Arms or other offers. Looking for a 1oz gold too but not willing to pay more than £1580 delivered Looking for a single silver in correct capsule for £25 delivered and a correct gold capsule if anyone has one.
  6. Thanks, purchased one a while back and it came in a flip with scratches on the face, had to send it back, they only buy in bulk tubes so harder to get decent ones.
  7. Bump up, slight increase soon to prices if gold stays at this point.
  8. Ive genuinely considered this and it turns out cheaper for me to fly to them than the shipping cost I paid on my order haha. Just waiting to see what the Perth Mint say, see if that brings me any joy, if not my next port of call is to report them to all the mints. Still pressuring UPS to provide the information that would let my bank pursue the money too.
  9. It is so difficult because while actually the fault was not goldsilver.be, the way they have handled it all is just insane, the fact they are still actually ignoring me and only bothered to reply because I complained to the Perth Mint is just so frustrating, more over they only replied to call me a crook and fraudster yet UPS have issued a claim and accepted the package is lost. They do not lose a single penny but would rather ignore me, my guess is they have claimed the money and keeping that too, I base that on the very limited information I have from UPS.
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