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  1. 'morning all. Well, I wasn't planning on this sale, but times are a little tough for some and a family member needs help. I know I'm not the first person here to sell precious metals to help family get through a rough patch... Offering 2.3 oz American Gold Eagle lot (10 coins) for all-in cost of $4,635. Breakdown as follows: (1) 1/2 oz 1990 Proof, in box w/ COA [$975] (6) 1/4 oz - (2) in slab & (4) loose [$500/each] (3) 1/10 oz all 2015 [$210/each] Would prefer to sell as a single lot using Zelle or PPFF. Shoot me a PM if you have questions. USPS Priority shipping and insurance included. Can even ship today if payment confirmed and post office still open. Thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  2. Bravo Zulu to the winners & contest convener! Job well done 👍
  3. 553! Daft guess is 8,675,309. If you have no idea why, ask Jenny. V/r, 1000ozs
  4. First... a belated Happy Canada Day to our brothers and sisters in the North. And an early Happy Independence Day to my fellow patriots in the US! This is a re-post from March time frame, no bites then, trying again... ---------------------- FOR SALE OR TRADE: lot of (62) 1965 Canadian Dollars - 80% silver by weight, each coin contains 0.6 Toz silver, total silver content for whole lot is 37.2 Tozs. Couple notes... (1) 54 coins are in Royal Canadian Mint original plastic, 8 are loose. (2) For some coins, the edge of the plastic separated meaning the coin is exposed to air (3) Probably a third of the coins exhibit some type of tarnish, most very minor All that said and generally speaking, coins are in very good shape, as you'd expect from being in original plastic. If you need other pictures, just let me know. Price is $720 by Zelle of PPFF; to save everyone the conversion, that's 14X face equivalent in US 90% coinage - but feel free to double check the math. Basically, $19.35/oz. Also open to trades. (1) 33 ASEs (doesn't need to be BU, but still nice condition) and we'll split shipping, or (2) combination of fractional gold eagles w/ ASEs to make-up any difference and each party pays own shipping. Or make your own trade offer... always willing to listen. I normally ship next business day upon payment confirmation, USPS Priority w/ tracking. So thanks for looking and happy holidays! V/r, 1000ozs
  5. Sure, I think we could work it out through Paypal. I'll send a PM your way with details...
  6. ZGriz, truly appreciate the offer. But really am trying to consolidate stack into US coinage...
  7. 'morning all. I posted this box set back in March, thought I'd offer it again... Complete box set includes 14 five dollar pieces and 14 ten dollar pieces each 92.5% silver - for total silver content of 30.2 Tozs. Each coin comes in an acrylic capsule (some capsules have very minor scuffs), unopened. Box itself is in great condition. Lots written about it on the internet for further details. I've enjoyed owning this set a couple years but now looking to consolidate into American coinage. If sale: $550 using Zelle. Feeling good today, will pay half shipping cost which is probably around $16. So pls add $8 to total. If trade: make an offer, open to ASEs of varying dates (don't have to be BU). If we assume a reasonable $2 over current spot, that would come to 28.6 ASEs, we could work out the fraction with shipping, or something... Will entertain gold trade as well. Thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  8. Yea! Arrived today 😀 $15.23 shipped Gratefully, 1000ozs
  9. Incredible, hit TSF lottery twice in one month 😀👍. Things went really smooth last time...
  10. So.... did someone lay claim yet??? If not, I don't want to be greedy having won afew weeks ago, still, I'd be more than happy 😁
  11. Hi all. I was the big winner on 5 Apr... So here they are, (4) four bright and shiny 2018 ASEs, along with friendly card and TSF button! Couldn't be more pleased 😀 Thx again!!! V/r, 1000ozs - now changing my handle to "1004ozs" lol
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