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    Any Queen’s Beasts Proof Gold Coins or anything that will make me rich.

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  1. Wow and I thought I was only one of at the most 390 contenders!. What a kick up the Arse!
  2. Hi Mancunianstacker, thanks for your interest. The 1 oz Gold Coin has sold out and is on eBay for around €3800,00 - €4900,00 if you can get one! I know of a reputable dealer here in Germany selling for just over €3300,00. Regards If interested send me a pm.
  3. Anyone interested?
  4. Dealers will only buy gold at spot price. Doesn’t matter what coins you have on offer. That’s why I moved on, sold my QB,s Bullion and decided to speculate with collectibles. Collectors want Quality Authenticity & Rarity. QB,s Bullion coins are minted in their millions. QB,s Proof however only in their hundreds & will eventually attract a collectors premium because of their Quality, Authenticity & Rarity. I chose the QB,s because of the Coinage, history and heritage of HRH Queen Elisabeth II. The entry to Westminster Abbey on coronation day was lined with statues of the ten Beasts marking the heritage of the House of Windsor and all its predecessors. Proud to be a Brit but also thinking of investing in Fluid Gold!
  5. Offer the land owner your gold in as a trade deal. Good luck.
  6. Hi @dgc808, difficult to answer. Gold only holds its worth but can vary. See gold price 70,s and now. I bought gold for £10,000,00 two years ago and sold now for £13.000,00 great return but I won’t get rich! I,d sooner go for gold/silver coins of limited editions rather than quantity. Be good as Gold
  7. Howie

    Collecting gold?

    Nice, very nice.
  8. Howie

    Collecting gold?

    Thanks, some things just don’t fit in safe deposits!
  9. Howie

    Collecting gold?

    Still be scared as sh*t! Used to put stuff under the mattress but all cond. onto that! So sleep well. Be good as Gold
  10. Howie

    Collecting gold?

    I salute you sir but I would be absolutely scared sh*t if I had that amount of Gold in my house. Mine are all in a safe deposit and so can’t be admired! Shame really not making collectors sense.
  11. Howie

    Collecting gold?

    I’m in it for the money! Haven’t got the funds to admire coins but speculate to accumulate. Started out with the usual 1oz Kruger, Eagle Brit etc. but soon realised accumulating wasn’t really speculating so I decided to change tactics and go for something more collectible. Which brought me onto the QB,s. After collecting the first five and doing some research realised that the QB,s bullion 1oz Gold coins were minted in their millions which prompted me to think again. Collectibles fetch the most premium the rarer they are. I then went for the 1oz QB,s Proof with COA limited edition. So as it stands at the moment I am the proud owner of at the most 390 samples world wide which I hope will reap rewards beyond my wildest dreams or my wifes. Waiting for the last three. Confirmation pending! All the best & be good as gold!
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