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  1. For Sale 3 x 999 Silver 1oz Monarch Lego Bricks May have some toning as been stored loose in box Please see image, I have shown top bottom and side to give an idea £70 for all 3 + postage ATB MIke
  2. 1oz Scottsdale Silver Bars For Sale Were held from previous listing but now offering for sale again. £23 each + postage (recommend special delivery for insurance etc) All look in good condition, see photo attached ATB Mike
  3. 1oz Silver Bars For Sale See photos for more information. Been stored in plastic bar boxes so all appear in good condition. £23 each + postage (special delivery recommended for insurance cover) ATB Mike
  4. 2016 Silver 10oz Kook in Capsule, looks in great condition as been capsuled since I had it. £ 220.00 add 7.50 for special delivery payment by bank transfer NOTE: Due to work commitments will not be able to post until Monday 28th ATB Mike
  5. 1oz Silver Bars variety of designs, please see image for details £22 each + postage some in caps, some not Please let me know numbers next to bars on any messages to avoid confusion ATB Mike
  6. Hi all, 5oz Terracotta Army Silver for sale with bag and card as seen in photos £110 + postage Cheers Mike
  7. Hi all Some PAMP Silver Bars I would like to sell. I have based prices on being current dealer prices @ 10 qty rate, but if I am way off let me know. 20g Bar = £30 each 50g Bar = £68 Check image for serial numbers etc Will only send using an insured tracked service, costs depending on weight / qty in order
  8. Hi all, Due to an upcoming change in employment status I will probably need to sell on some silver items Was thinking of listing via the forum / seeing if there was any interest before sending back to the dealers or the world of Ebay Does anyone have an idea on what a "fair" price would be for 1oz and 5oz PAMP silver bars to list on the forum If there is any specific valuation thread feel free to move there, but can't see one. ATB MJ
  9. Just a small something today 1st coloured coins I have bought - great service from Ash as usual 👍
  10. ewww thats creepy and fascinating at the same time 😑
  11. If it does thats great news - buy buy buy
  12. Seems like a good deal, 20 oz for a shade under £250 If I wasn't fixing up a kitchen I would have had it https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/various/pre-owned-cook-island-2011-lunar-rabbit-20oz-silve
  13. or some knob head from Europe telling you they have a "special place in hell for you"
  14. This year my plan is to put more into mortgage overpayments than silver/gold. I made a nice little stack over last couple of years and now our fixed rate deal ends in 2 years or so. So I want to get that down now incase (when) the rates jump up, it's surprising how every £50 extra paid in saves approx £68 in interest over the term. Trying to get the term down so Im not working myself into an early grave
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