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  1. I received the welsh dragon today which is the second of 6(?) rounds in the world of dragons series. I was amazed at how detailed it was and a really good 3D effect on it. Not a bad little series and prices are reasonable.
  2. Always going to be difficult as the Yale is such an ugly beast. Looks like JC has done a good job with this though.
  3. @AuFanatic would that be your one that you are selling on eBay? Haha
  4. @Tritoon01 just as well you got one, looks like they are all out of the 6 metals at SilverTrader.
  5. @Tritoon01 no worries. It wasn’t quite meant to be an advert haha! But agreed I’ve ordered a few things from him and he has always done a great job. You gonna buy one of the Germanias then? I’m still unsure, it’s a huge premium.
  6. Yeah I’ve seen the red and blue version and not a fan,the 6 metals is much more subtle.
  7. I’ve seen that SilverTrader has the new Germania 6 metals round in stock. What are people’s opinions on it? I was thinking as it’s only a mintage of 500 then it could do very well on the secondary market. I have a couple of the silver rounds and love them and I only ever really stick to low premium silver but I think I might be tempted with this one. https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/2019-germania-6-precious-metals-5-mark-1oz-silver-bullion-round/
  8. I would say if you are getting the marvel or Star Wars coins then you would need the set. I have all the star wars coins so far but it’s mainly for novelty, my son loves Star Wars and my silver will be for him eventually. Their mintage is too high to justify the premium, albeit a small premium. If you don’t go full set then stick to low premium silver, can’t go wrong with maples or brits in my opinion.
  9. I think they are trying to be different in a very crowded marketplace. Agree with you though that I don’t think it’s working and just looks abit cheap.
  10. Well I for one, like many others I’m sure, are very grateful for your efforts so thank you.
  11. Haha @BackyardBullion I get the sense it’s been a long day sorting those orders!
  12. I guess as a new mint they are looking to do something different from the crowd to attract some attention. Must be tough to complete against the established national mints. They are only minting 500 each of the new rounds so they don’t need many people to want them.
  13. I got 2 yesterday and agree they are very nice indeed. I love the background on both sides but especially on the eagle. Mine were also from silvertrader and got them in excellent condition and very quickly.
  14. It’s the Euro now in Germany, as far as I’m aware the mark was no longer legal tender from 2002.
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