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  1. Coincraft is prob a waste....Spink is on Southhampton....St. James
  2. Yikes, these make the Pobjoy Angels, etc. look positively wonderful. Very cheesy work on Nike!
  3. 64? Hairlines are most likely die prep/polish.
  4. Will they please release mintages [of ANY of the uncirculated so-called bullion] of these, or of any of the gold, silver, and platinum uncirculated coins?
  5. The Royal Mint has me really confused. I know that the final Greyhound of Richmond is coming up, but only for the 2 oz. silver, 1 and 1/4 oz. gold. Fine. But what is the schedule for the remaining uncirculated 10 ounce silvers, and for that matter the platinums. These are not synchronized with the first three denominations, and they are not with the proof issues. Yikes, it is all a bit confusing. If I recall, they are more than two behind with possibly one out of sequence. WTH is going on over there at the Royal Mint. As another issue, will they ever release actual mintag
  6. DaKine

    2020 libertad

    No, not that I am aware of. They are quite haphazard in just how they release their coins, and who they go to. But they are usually around for a while.
  7. DaKine

    2020 libertad

    I don't believe that Covid has any real reason for the delayed release. The Mexicans are very peculiar with these coins, and best to keep "ear to the rail" as to what is going on for the year. As readers may know, they frequently have unanticipated surprises: I remember a couple years ago with a supposed limited quantity of a special two coin set of Silver Libertad with the reverse proof that they suddenly released another 500 of the coin. Other times, a "normal" year did not go normally and for whatever reason very few were minted. Also with the antique versions of the last couple of ye
  8. Does seem to have the "dog riding in convertible" look as well. I don't like the blank eyes that seem so prominent - very much like the bull...
  9. Thank God, only the Greyhound to go! The prices based on the gold content alone have gotten crazy. The proofs off the map. I don't particular care for the Bull either.
  10. These are pretty rare in higher mint state; to me the real magic one in higher mint state is the 1893 Jub Head....1854 not too shabby either in MS63 and above.
  11. Mine is the PCGS specimen, ex-Spink....What did the NGC coin go for?
  12. Not to divert, but I seem to recall an 1878 with Die Number 6 that was NOT the Dritanniar error. Also have knowledge of an MS64 Drit - I wonder how much that would go for at auction these days...
  13. Yes, Panamanian coins were a staple of the Franklin Mint (USA) and they really ramped up beginning in 1975 with the gold 100 Balboa as the feature coin - there was a big deal at the time. These were released in proof, proof like uncirculated, and the much scarcer matte uncirculated. They then went on to mint these much larger 1.2 oz gold 500 Balboas in the same format with the matte uncirculated very rare - I believe around 10 or so pieces minted. They went on to strike 500 balboas (as well as the 100, for a while 50 and 20 Balboa coins that were in gold) on through the 1985 y
  14. I have noticed that gold and silver Britannias and gold Queen's Beasts are very hard to get in the one ounce size here in the USA without paying near to $200 premium on the latter. Almost all - APMEX, BullionExchange, JMBullion, SDBullion, Pinehurst, GoldSilverBullion do not have any available. All are notify by email when "available". What do readers think?
  15. Thanks for your response! So the same is not true for gold then? A 1600 pound price from them would be 1612 or so to us?
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