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  1. Ditto on that - somehow I got bounced from the queue at 904 - internet from states - let me back right away, but then ended up with 2 oz silver as everyone seems to have....
  2. Even though I have a complete set of the bullion silvers and golds, I want to hold just because I like them. For the silver, I think now may well be the optimum time to sell. As for the gold, or yet to be finished platinum series, I don't think we even know true mintages or rarities yet. If some are hidden in there, they may have a price rise.
  3. I've an earlier Kook & an IOM FOUR KILO & a few others but my favourite is the 2018 PL Libertad which blows the others away side to side IMO...Picture later today....
  4. DaKine

    Black Friday

    I really don't like the greed aspect of these type of sales - and I don't really mind sales, but it is the image of all those "shoppers" lined up to barge each other over to get "deals"....Just don't like it, but congratulations to those that did well....
  5. Well, we have been through this cycle quite a number of times, and this has happened in ALL circumstances. Although a larger mintage, what about the 2013 Reverse Proof Buffalo or the 2014 gold Kennedy? These are gone and forgotten, and even the ERP 2019 S eagle is now fading from memory. What I am saying is that you got a great coin there, and the fact that prices are high now is not really a predictor of future performance.
  6. First off, Congratulations! But secondly I will offer a differing opinion: remember that these are only a minor variant, and though valuable do not carry the same weight as an entirely new type. Also, the potential secondary market is quite lean in all likelihood (ie demand will be limited at the 10k price point). Next, the US Mint created a contrived rarity which has now become a habit on a yearly basis. This makes each "rarity" to be more common in that there are more of them (I will give the example of the Spouses gold program with the Betty Ford in uncirculated having a lower mi
  7. Umm, isn't she a winged victory herself? In any case, all a matter of taste....
  8. They already have produced 1 oz currency and released in Mexico. There are some on the net, and Youtube.
  9. Yes, they are being rather stereotypical with this release. Generally slow and idiosyncratic...
  10. Coincraft is prob a waste....Spink is on Southhampton....St. James
  11. Yikes, these make the Pobjoy Angels, etc. look positively wonderful. Very cheesy work on Nike!
  12. 64? Hairlines are most likely die prep/polish.
  13. Will they please release mintages [of ANY of the uncirculated so-called bullion] of these, or of any of the gold, silver, and platinum uncirculated coins?
  14. The Royal Mint has me really confused. I know that the final Greyhound of Richmond is coming up, but only for the 2 oz. silver, 1 and 1/4 oz. gold. Fine. But what is the schedule for the remaining uncirculated 10 ounce silvers, and for that matter the platinums. These are not synchronized with the first three denominations, and they are not with the proof issues. Yikes, it is all a bit confusing. If I recall, they are more than two behind with possibly one out of sequence. WTH is going on over there at the Royal Mint. As another issue, will they ever release actual mintag
  15. DaKine

    2020 libertad

    No, not that I am aware of. They are quite haphazard in just how they release their coins, and who they go to. But they are usually around for a while.
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