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  1. Crazy they are sold out. I was just under 2k on the queue - that was something else...
  2. So will there be two different designs on sale tomorrow or will there be two separate releases? I am a bit confused by all of this....
  3. Haven't really kept up, which golds are supposedly on offer? And I was just snooping around and saw that the RM struck a THREE Kg silver coin for the 3 Graces! Haven't seen that one; honestly I am tired of them striking "boutique" issues for certain inside dealers and don't like them using the auctions either directly or indirectly to unload (nor Sovereign Rarities). Just offer what is on hand to us poor slobs but no insiders games!
  4. That is a "shut down" answer. Is Ms. Louise saying they are still striking or may strike them? Otherwise there is a finite number and that is a non-responsive answer that we have gotten before. Please anybody asking further questions about mintages ask if they are still striking backdated issues! I am no fan of the USA Mint but they do release figures no matter if they are big, small, or whatever.
  5. Please report this obvious fake. I checked to see if this was an April Fool's entry...
  6. Unfortunately likely diluted to some extent by the new arrival of the Beasts II - The Tudor Beasts.....
  7. I am happy to have the unc. 2 oz versions hand chosen and not slabbed, but also the unc. bullion versions of the 1 oz gold, all the plats to date and all of the 10 oz but the last (well the completer will probably come out in that size as well I would imagine. I am going to keep them and love having the set. That they are not 70s is fine, my only issue is the queen's cheek which is so easily abraded.
  8. FC7611F7-7555-438F-A606-697FF61C604B.heic Hmm, these don't seem to download on to site???
  9. No real care was afforded to them in striking and post care, IMHO they must have been stacked. I will try to show a picture of mine later. It has milky AREAS hidden in and around the Beasts, not just spots.
  10. Sorry, APMEX. It came up so fast and then as per usual, the price began to escalate rapidly and then it fell off the edge and was all sold out.
  11. Mine too came with extensive "milk spotting" but not too bad with the abrasions on Liz's cheek. From Pinehurst Coins.
  12. This was a flash sale that came up while on the way to work. It came up at 239 USD, then in less than 5 min. went to 249 USD and 5 min. more went to 279 USD, and then went "Sold Out". My phone froze and only got the second price and then a 2020 2 oz. Reverse Proof Libertad.
  13. OK I like some of these...Here is the bust from one, very high relief and the reverse of the more common but large size Royal Mint version (which I hope downloads). D579BE5C-F647-4572-8FA6-CA7DCCF8074E.heic
  14. I many times do those one-way drop-offs here at local shows as I just don't want to lose the coins and have always had good fortune on their return journey from the TPGs with no losses. I can't say I am always pleased with the results however.
  15. As I said on the other post in Gold: "... classic Pobjoy Mint appearance" Yikes, can't stomach this and all the other like bits to follow in such a series!
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