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  1. @Alun here on the Forum makes truly superb cases for 10oz coins - I can't recommend his cases highly enough
  2. Also, if you ever fancy picking up a little bit of Platinum to add to your stack, you can get 1/10th Platinum Britannias - goldsilver.be usually have them at a decent price.
  3. Half Sovs almost every time for me - the premiums are lower, and if you are prepared to put the time and effort in you can pick up some at VERY keen prices. I've got a few 1/10 Britannias, but they are more of a "personal indulgence", rather than an investment......
  4. Very true, @KDave - I'm sure that we have seen a greater number of things change (and at a greater/faster rate of change) in the last 50 years or so, than at any other similar period of time previously in history
  5. The dragon - miles ahead of the rest IMHO
  6. I can only speak from my personal experiences with both these companies...... Harrington & Byrne sent my coins out to me very promptly, the limit of 3 Sovereigns a year per household is very tightly enforced (my subsequent additional orders were politely declined), and I still receive regular mail shots from H&B trying to entice me to acquire much more expensive proofs. For some SF members the latter seems to be a major issue; personally, I find it no hardship at all to put these mailings into my recycling bin (and definitely worth it to acquire what were 3 extremely well-priced Sovereigns) The Buckingham Collection were much slower in dispatching my orders (although the delivery time-scale was pointed out to me when I placed my order by phone, and it is also in their T&Cs), but the coins did arrive after a few weeks and again, I was delighted with the price I paid for them. I did receive 2 or 3 sales phone calls after my first order, but I simply asked not to be called again and for my number to be removed from their database, and have had no more phone calls since then - SIMPLES!
  7. It looks as though Harrington & Byrne are undercutting them with their price of the 2019 Sovereign coming in at £279 (inc. P&P) https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3850.html
  8. "Superb" and "Thank you!" are the words that come to mind.....
  9. @itslikegolddust Have patience! Don't even think about buying a box from anywhere else apart from @Alun! His boxes are the absolute very best you will find, are very sensibly priced, and if it means waiting a little while for the next batch, it will be time well spent. Any other boxes are a false economy (believe me on this! I have previously made the mistake of buying one from abroad and the workmanship and quality was to put it politely, "at best, average")
  10. Well, at least they invested that last 1% wisely then!
  11. I'm absolutely delighted with my latest bespoke box from @Alun - this one is for my recently-started collection of quarter ounce gold Queen's Beasts 😎 As with all Alun's boxes, the quality and workmanship are faultless - if you're in the market for a box, look no further than @Alun
  12. @5huggy, @SovTracker, @Tsunami, well done all of you for helping spread the word about The Silver Forum
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