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  1. Carrying them on your person is no problem. I've travelled quite regularly between Australia, US, NZ and UK with silver bars, gold blobs and coins and no one cares. Same goes for Germany and Belgium. Silver shows up black on the x-ray, Gold usually doesn't (set that way for jewellery and watches). If the person on the scanner/x-ray asks to see it, you can ask for a private area to show them. There's never a problem unless it's a huge amount, often you get interested questions rather than anything sinister. I'd never risk putting bullion in my checked baggage.
  2. Hi James, I'm not after trades at the moment but thank you for the offer.
  3. Ticket 30 https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/39286-2005-us-mint-10-110oz-statue-of-liberty-platinum-pcgs-ms69/?tab=comments#comment-439306
  4. For sale 2005 US Mint 1/10oz Statue of Liberty Platinum PCGS MS69. £140 including tracked postage in UK via Royal Mail. Postage to EU might be a bit extra, depending on country. Please indicate interest in this thread or via DM.
  5. Hi there, I'm after a 1oz or smaller cast Gold bar. If anyone has any for sale, let me know and we can make a deal. Happy to pay some premium on the right bar, closer to spot for the more generic types. Can deal face to face in the Southeast/London as well. SE
  6. Great read. A set of old brass sovereign scales was one of my best early investments. A very quick and simple method to verify both full and half sovereigns, or at least their gold content.
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