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  1. Whilst I agree with you, fake bars in packaging are always off for thickness, width or weight (in the same manner as a fake Sov), so if you're used to them you'll immediately know. Personally I prefer poured bars over packaged ones, but that's just me. The only way to be 100% sure of any PM is with expensive kit, or by buying from reputable sources. It's insurance, but not everybody wants to pay.
  2. I would agree with Sovs or small bars. Fake sovs and coins are everywhere, fakes aren't limited to bars. Make your purchases from reputable dealers/forum members or invest in some testing equipment such as a sovereign balance, PMV and rare earth magnet. With regards to liquidity, in my experience bars don't move any slower than coins and the premium is a lot less. Do you want more ounces or "better" pieces?
  3. You can take physical delivery from COMEX, not sure about Shanghai. Just that most participants don't. How to go about it, if you deal in those contracts and want to take delivery is available to view here. https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/metals/files/precious-metals-delivery-process.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi9hoyBqajtAhVTXMAKHe80ACMQFjABegQIDxAH&usg=AOvVaw3boOaNfUEjELtd2Hb2rL5b
  4. Shanghai and COMEX are both alternatives to LBMA for trading Gold or derivatives of Gold. Both utilising slightly different systems and conditions of pricing and trade, neither of which has caused any wars-trade or otherwise. This basically confirms what was in the article (without the sensationalist spin), if participants don't like the terms of trade, they can start a new exchange as the UAE and Indian participants are signalling they can do.
  5. You do realise there already is an alternative market to LBMA for Gold? Hasn't started any wars.
  6. Toning shouldn't impact the value of the bar. On vintage pieces it can often have the opposite effect. Silver does tarnish and tone over time.
  7. I've never seen a fake Shield, but judging by how many jewellers copies and blatant fakes there are of the St George's out there I'm sure they exist. At least if you get a copy that has the correct amount of gold in it, the melt value is the same. Fakes that don't have the correct amount of gold are much easier to detect (thickness, weight etc). As for the original post, new security features aren't really going to change my stacking habits but rising Gold prices do make fractionals more appealing as they're easier to move if needed.
  8. Plenty of buyers for Sovereigns around spot, worn or not. They seem to move pretty quickly on the forum and in shops.
  9. I'd echo Pete's sentiments; if you want peace of mind, a combination of education, trusted sellers and testing methods have to be used together to protect your investment. For sovereigns, using an old school sovereign balance is still one of the best ways to detect incorrect gold content (doesn't detect jewellers copies) and the principles utilused are the same as the Fisch (at a cheaper price). If you have a large and varied coin collection then a set of Fisch is probably a good idea. The more you spend on detectors, the less goes towards your stack but stopping single fake often means a detector pays for itself. A grand on a PMV might be worthwhile for a large stack, same goes for an XRF if you're a dealer.
  10. For larger bars you can use an ultrasonic thickness tester along with a rare earth magnet to conduct non-destructive testing.
  11. Never had problems selling 999+ Gold, packaged or not. Some think that the packaging deserves a premium, whereas some think packaging better enables fakes. If you can prove it's real, it'll sell. On that, bars from established mints generally sell before 'backyard pours' but again, if you can prove it's real, no problems.
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