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  1. Into the Dragons Lair, My first Gold Sovereigns, gift from my Mum
  2. I never thought I would be posting in the Gold section, im really drawn to Dragons and all things silvery. Today my mum told me she had bought be a gift, rather random and for no reason, she has no idea I collect coins nor how much I love all things Dragony. I know its not to everybodys taste but look at what she got me. A 1,1/2 and 1/4 sovereign into the Dragons lair. Hope you guys like them, Thanks mum
  3. Got my Egg today (updated with close up)
  4. Bagenz

    Perth mint

    Celebrate one of the cheekiest animated characters in television history with this fun 1oz silver coin, featuring: Proof quality 99.99% pure silver Limited mintage – 5,000 Official licensed product Bart Simpson design The Simpsons presentation packaging Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  5. Bagenz

    A L I E N

    Some here also https://www.powercoin.it/en/perth-mint-australia/4020-alien-40th-anniversary-2-oz-silver-coin-2-tuvalu-2019.html
  6. Bagenz

    A L I E N

    If you buy 2 its free postage, previous purchases from perth mint direct have had duty at a low level, hopefully its the same this time. I have purchased some of these plus the 5oz Dragon, this is now sold out but the Alien coin is still available, GL
  7. New from Perth mint, limited only 388, This intricately detailed 5oz silver coin showcases two quality minting finishes in a design sure to appeal to collectors of oriental artistry, featuring: 99.99% pure silver Symbolic antiqued coloured dragon design Extremely limited mintage – 388 Certificate of Authenticity Presentation packaging Got mine today
  8. Bagenz

    A L I E N

    New from Perth mint, limited 1500 Perfect for fans of the science fiction horror phenomenon Alien, this 2oz silver coin showcases two forms of the horrific monster, featuring: Antiqued Coloured 99.99% pure silver 40th anniversary design Official licensed product Limited mintage – 1,500 Housed in a creative Alien egg-shaped packaging Impressive collectable or gift for fans of the franchise Numbered Certificate of Authenticity http://www.perthmint.com/catalogue/alien-40th-anniversary-2019-2oz-silver-antiqued-coin.aspx Unboxing video
  9. Keep me two Copper and Two Silver Cheers
  10. Great looking Rounds, note they fit really tight in the Lighthouse Leuchtturm 39mm capsules. The copper rounds are cheap and great to hold. I will hopefully get them all.
  11. Anybody got 1 or 2 for sale
  12. Yip, thanks for letting me know, I hopefully willget the set Mmmm tried ordering, seems to only accept US addresses, cant seem to get an order in
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