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  1. Amen, the news is 100% controlled, no matter if it's left or right wing, it's all the same fake paid propaganda that's being pushed. Watch this 2 minute video, it's definite proof: It's quite scary really.
  2. I bought gold at $1290 spot price after about a $50 drop and I thought that was a good price, but I was sadly mistaken, it's dropped another almost $70 since then and it just seems to continue downwards. Is there any explainable reason for this?
  3. I haven't watched "the news" in over 5 years. Until people realise politicians are all the same, and buddies behind the curtains, nothing will ever change and we'll always be divided.
  4. Yeah, we should do it again in the future. There's a Premier League Fantasy starting soon, that's a long season though xD
  5. That's ridiculous, it says "Friends & Family" has no fee. I hate companies that lie about their fees like that.
  6. Yeah, Revolut should be totally free to send. I'll PM you.
  7. Can also use Revolut if you got that Oldun/Alpha?
  8. gg's all, was fun. my paypal is: https://www.paypal.me/Erinddal
  9. Sadiq Khan is a disgrace, and needs to resign immediately.
  10. Yeah your bench often does extremely well Kimchi ? a shame can't use bench boost more than once xD
  11. Did you know that the third place match count too Oldun?
  12. I started really well, 40 points from the first game. Got a lot of French players too. I actually switched out Meunier for a french defender, so it could had been 52 pts -.-
  13. I despise Trump, but I despise that London Mayor even more. His hypocrisy is something else.
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